ghostRevealing which Ghost poster is the one for you should be a fairly easy feat. There's plenty of spooky artwork to choose from. The trouble is, it's kind of difficult to find which one really stands out to you. Hopefully, that's where this guy comes in and offers another opinion for those of you fascinated with this band. To be honest the spectacle this band delivers is what draws me to them. Let's see how frightening you're looking to go when it comes to selecting a Ghost concert poster.

Finding the Right Ghost

This Swedish rock band is intriguing only because of how dedicated they are to their roles. The lead singer is portraying a role as a satanic pope known as Papa Emeritus. There are multiple versions of this character. They are altered every so often due to the previous iteration's inability to overthrow governments and cause general mayhem. I for one find it intriguing to have such dedication to performance art when it feels like less and less of a thing for musical acts. As you can see, this group likes to throw stuff out there:

It's very understandable if you find this poster offensive. Honestly, it feels like that's a big part of the point with this group. That part of the group I'm not all that keen on; it's the commitment to a role and the audience response that for some reason makes it hard to look away. Posters for these guys are pretty easy to find and are very affordable as well. This one goes for about $17 on eBay. There's also the added benefit of having all of the tour dates on the bottom of the poster, which is something you don't regularly see on tour stops.

Perhaps a less offensive version is more your speed. One nice thing about collecting for a band that's both active and relatively (14 years in existence) young is the accessibility feature. This particular poster caught my eye due to the theatrical feel plastered all over:

This iteration of the band has Cardinal Copia prominently displayed front and center. Prior to being promoted to Papa Emeritus IV, Copia was placed in charge of the band and of course all lead vocals. The theatrical imagery fits well for a show in Scotland for some reason; perhaps another European location better highlights this band. Either way, this poster runs for an even less amount, $6.78 on eBay. This November 2019 poster appears to be going fast so availability might become an issue for this one.

Still No Luck?

That's understandable because this group has all kinds of poster iterations you might be searching for. If the international vibe is somewhat new to you, I'd suggest checking out this Mexico tour stop I just stumbled upon:

Ghost isn't the headlining band on this tour. In fact, it's even hard to see their logo in very small print on the right-hand side. Be that as it may, I'd be pretty stoked to be opening for Iron Maiden, even if it is in 2013. Few bands can claim to have opened for such a big rock band. At $40.83 on eBay (it's located in Great Britain for some reason), that's a pretty good find. If I don't decide to swoop in and grab it, have at it.

Again, Ghost is a fairly controversial band. Hopefully, you enjoy the artwork and even the music in spite of the shock value antics.