Janet Jackson's Rhythm Nation album was one R&B album that helped define an era; impressive, considering who contributed to freestyle R&B. There's a lot on the line when you have Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis on production. Definitely separating oneself from Michael Jackson is a huge barrier in itself. Janet Jackson of course has other albums that are worth checking out, and coincidentally many concert posters to look for as well. However, if you are unfamiliar with this R&B powerhouse, it's time to get familiar.

What to Keep in Mind When Searching for Janet Jackson Posters

Posters from this phenomenally talented singer and dancer are not going to meet her talent level. That's odd to say, but the posters really undersell the artist on the stage. It would not be surprising if there isn't a big demand for Miss Jackson's posters. That doesn't mean there aren't some interesting ones to get. As always, you have to decide if you're looking to collect for financial or sentimental gain.

When it comes to a mix of both, there's a poster from her most successful tour. No, it's not her debut Rhythm Nation tour, which supposedly was the most successful debut tour for an artist ever. Nope, it's actually her second tour, the Janet. World Tour; over two years and 123 tour dates were jam-packed into four different continents. Supposedly there was a Broadway-level quality to the production and costumes on stage.

That might be why this poster is a bit more than similar posters from the 1990s. $100 on eBay is not a bad price when you consider just how successful this tour turned out to be. This stop was in Stockholm, Sweden, and the layout is simple in nature. That tells me two different things about the show itself. First, it's likely going to be really good due to the straightforward info on the poster. Second, there's no need for a marketing team to put a whole lot of effort into the posters, because it's Janet Jackson and if you listen to this second album from her (pictured bottom left on the poster), then you know what you're going to get onstage.

Collecting On A Budget

If you are insistent on getting a Rhythm Nation concert poster, there are a handful of options for you to check out. For some reason, posters from outside the United States are catching my eye more for this particular artist. The posters themselves are not all that different. They also aren't that difficult to decipher despite not being in English. In any case, this particular stop in Germany is catching my attention.

Black and white with very little color seems to be the theme for most of the Rhythm Nation posters. Perhaps it's just to reflect the aesthetic of the album and music videos. In any case, this particular tour stop in Germany is only $39 on eBay.

An interesting detail is both the poster and the listing claim the show was in Frankfurt, yet the tour date lines up with Dortmund, Germany. In any case, not a bad find. These two German towns could be close to one another, or it could be a misprinting. If the latter is the case, this original printing is definitely worth holding onto if so.


One last poster worth checking out is a newer one that has some artwork on it. Newer Janet Jackson posters have some artwork on them, though it isn't much. 2017 is a long time after her initial debut tour. However, that doesn't mean attendance or her appeal was. This Pepsi Center (now known as Ball Arena) stop in the Mile High City of Denver, Colorado must've been quite an experience.

One More For the Road

Denver's basketball, hockey, and lacrosse arena has a sound system that makes the nosebleeds feel like you're right next to the artist. Back to the artwork itself, it's one of the few posters out there that's not just a picture of Jackson posing for the camera. Simplicity is the theme of marketing shows for this talent. Black and white persist despite 27 years separating two fairly different tours. This $9 find on eBay seems to be the tour poster as well since other cities come up with the same artwork.

The talent speaks for itself when checking out anything related to Janet Jackson. For those seeking out colorful or complicated concert posters, Janet might not have much appeal for you. But if you're a fan of the artist and enjoy digging into her tours and storyline, then there are many places to start.