We’re back with more market reaction to the news coming from SDCC last week. Kevin Feige went further than anyone expected when he announced some upcoming Phase 6 projects. Let’s take a look at the films and associated comics opening and closing this phase.

Fantastic Four

The film opening Phase 6 in what’s being dubbed The Multiverse Saga will be Fantastic Four, in theaters on November 8, 2024. Other than that release date, we really don’t know much more.

Of course, that lack of knowledge didn’t stop a 1.5 grade restored copy of Fantastic Four #1 from being sold on July 26. With a book of this importance, even low grades can fetch a lot. At first glance, a sale of $7,500 might seem like a high price, but that’s down 33% from the last sale – a December 2021 eBay auction sale of a restored 1.5 for $11,200.

Needless to say, even low-grade copies of Fantastic Four are high-priced books, and rightly so. With each piece of news that comes out about the new film, the higher prices will likely rise. But don’t be surprised to see the occasional drop in price as was seen in this latest sale. That’s part of the nature of highly sought-after issues in low grades.

Avengers: The Kang Dynasty

Ever since Avengers: Endgame, fans have been asking when Marvel would be releasing another Avengers film. Well, now we have our answer. Avengers: The Kang Dynasty will clearly feature the eponymous villain. No fewer than 15 graded copies of Avengers #8, Kang’s first appearance, have sold since the reveal of the film’s release date of May 2, 2025, nearly three years from now.

An 8.0 graded copy sold on July 24 for $4,250. That’s down considerably from the high in this grade of a slashed $7,250 sale occurring in July 2021. There’s a good number of graded copies of this book: 2,542. Expect prices to bounce around quite a bit from here.

In any grade where copies are plentiful, from 8.0 down to 3.0 we’re already seeing trend lines that resemble heartbeat monitors. Just keep an eye on sales and don’t be afraid to walk away if the bidding gets too high; there are a lot of copies of this book, and a patient collector could find a copy at a very affordable price.

There was a resurgence in sales of Avengers #267, with 14 graded copies selling since July 23. This book features the first appearance of the Council of Kangs, and it’s been on collectors’ radar since the Loki Disney+ series last year.

A 9.8 graded copy sold on July 24 for $350. Of course, that’s a mere pittance compared to the peak price of $1,600(!) that someone paid for this book in August 2021. The July 24 sale is markedly higher than the 30-day average price of $226 and even more so than the 90-day average of $194. It’s even closing in on the 1-year average of $375.

It’s now been a year since this long-ignored early Copper Age book became a key. While it may have lost some luster since, it’s close to gaining it all back with this news that Kang is now one of the MCU Big Bads.

Avengers #268

The very next issue in the series, Avengers #268, saw a huge spike in sales with the reveal of the film’s title, not surprising when you realize that the story title for this issue is, “The Kang Dynasty.” Six graded copies have sold since Saturday, July 23. That’s more copies than had sold throughout 2022 to this point.

A July 24 sale of a 9.8 graded copy set a new record price at $275, smashing the previous slashed $200 record-holder by 53%. A story title alone likely isn’t enough to keep this book at a high for long. Expect prices to drop until we learn more about the actual story in the film… which is three years away, plenty of time for this comic to go through many peaks and valleys.

Avengers: Secret Wars

The worst kept secret outside of Namor appearing in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever is that we would be seeing Secret Wars in the MCU. Now we know that Avengers: Secret Wars will be in theaters on November 7, 2025. The question now becomes which Secret Wars? Will it be the 1980 series beginning with Marvel Super-Heroes Secret Wars #1? Or will it be the issue that began the culmination of Jonathan Hickman’s work on Fantastic Four and Avengers, Secret Wars #1?

The better bet is on the latter. Incursions have already been brought up in the MCU as has the entire concept of the multiverse. The 1980s mini-series had nothing whatsoever to do with either of those ideas.

Of course, don’t tell collectors that, as they went absolutely bananas in a feeding frenzy reminiscent of Aquaman’s run-in with a pack of hungry piranhas a couple decades ago. A mind-blowing 69 copies have sold since Saturday, including a 9.8 graded copy selling for $3,549 in a fixed price eBay sale on July 24.

This is a record for a non-signature copy, and not just by a little bit. It’s the highest price paid for a Universal graded copy by more than $1,500. Folks, there are a LOT of copies of this comic – 6,076 in total and 1,210 in the 9.8 grade. There is no reason to be overpaying by that much. Calm down. You may not even be buying the right book.

We’ll be back tomorrow with more market reactions from the news coming out of the 2022 San Diego Comic-Con!

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