Even after an unprecedented year in terms of the volume of content produced, Marvel is keeping its foot on the gas pedal. During Day Two of San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC), Marvel released additional details about upcoming animated projects including, Spider-Man: Freshman Year, X-Men '97, and Marvel Zombies.

How did the market react to those announcements? Let's take a look at a few books below.

X-Men #200

As many fans of the original X-Men cartoon from the 1990s remember, the series ends with Professor X leaving the team after asking Magneto for help. As we just learned, Magneto will now lead the team in Professor X's absence in the new X-Men '97 animated series.

This announcement caused sales for Uncanny X-Men #200, the issue where Magneto chooses to lead the X-Men, to explode on eBay. Specifically, on July 22nd, the day of the announcement, a whopping 80+ copies of this book were sold on eBay! High sales on July 22nd included two CGC 9.8 copies that sold for $180. You could buy high-grade copies of this book for $5 on eBay just a few months ago.

If you'd like to buy this book, I'd wait several months for the hype to die down. I have a hard time seeing this book maintain these values since investors typically don't express much interest in key issues that are related to storylines.

Ultimate Fantastic Four #21

In contrast, in spite of news about a Marvel Zombies animated series, one book that failed to move was Ultimate Fantastic Four #21, the first appearance of the Marvel Zombies.

This book soared in value after previous announcements regarding Marvel Zombies. Nonetheless, only one raw copy of this book sold on July 22 for $25. We can explain this. Unlike the announcement about Magneto, investors have known about Marvel Zombies for many months and the comic's value has already been priced-in.

Still, this book has, more or less, held its value over the past year ever since the Marvel Zombies first appeared in the What If...? animated series.

Shadowland #1

One book that didn't move much at all was Shadowland #1. During Marvel's presentation, Marvel revealed that Daredevil would appear in an all-black suit in Spider-Man: Freshman Year. The suit depicted on the left reminds me of the all-black suit that Daredevil first wore in Shadowland #1.

I especially like the 2nd print of this issue that features the new all-black suit on its cover. Due to its scarcity, this book has sold for a premium. Still, I'm surprised that we didn't see more copies of this book move after the announcement last week.

I might keep an eye on this book. Kevin Feige loves to tease future plans, and I wouldn't be surprised if Daredevil wears an all-black costume when he reappears in live-action. If he does, expect the value of this book to jump.

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