When an artist like Sade is such a smooth operator that they take three hiatuses and they're still in demand, that's power. But when that artist takes a decade between projects? That's how you know this woman is a generational talent.

Whether you've been a fan since the beginning or only heard about this singer-songwriter because of a few soundtracks she's been a part of, it's hard to deny the influence Sade has. What's interesting beyond Sade's staying power is an aspect most might not think about: collecting the concert posters.

Like everything else related to the British superstar, posters are jewels in their own right. It's time to check on just how many gems are out there.

Deciding Which Sade Concert Poster to Pursue

From Diamond Life to Solider of Love, there are so many projects to choose from. What intrigues me the most is how this group returns to the spotlight like they never left. For example, prior to their first hiatus, Love Deluxe achieves platinum status four times over (Kiss of Life is my favorite track on this project). The album performs well in France, Switzerland, New Zealand, and elsewhere. A worldwide tour follows, and then silence. For eight years, there's no new music. So strange.

What isn't as strange is how rare posters from this tour appear to be highly sought after. Normally, the posters I'm checking out are a few hundred dollars at most. That's not the case with this original French poster from 1993.

For a used poster that is in decent condition but has some light wear and tear, you are going to shell out $1,289 USD at the time of this article. The image is unique and captures the album well. Just imagine how much it might go for should it be in near-mint condition without any folding.

The Price Doesn't Decrease Much

Paradise is the top highlight of Sade's third release, Stronger Than PrideThe 1988 project went platinum three times and was also Sade's third big tour. Several of the posters on the collector's market appear to be from tour stops across the Atlantic. France in the prior section and now this one in Berlin, Germany. Less artsy and more playful, this piece, listed as the original poster from the 1988 tour, is much more colorful than above.

Perhaps the color and the warmness of the portrait take away from the value somehow. I only say that because the price for this one is $499.99 right now. This image is a bit more common than the one above, so that could be the main reason for the price difference.

Earlier posters would seem like they have more value, but if there's a solid amount of access to them, the demand is reduced. Either way, this one embodies Sade slightly better to me than the one above. Both are a good choice.

For those looking for something a bit more in their price range, check out this iconic image from Live Aid 1985. A historic concert with a who's who in the world of music, Sade had her a moment or two captured in time.

This image from Wembley Stadium in England is a cool $7.60 and feels even more memorable with the black and white image. Always a show woman, this image captures Sade in action for the world to see. Frankly, there is no wrong poster to collect when it comes to Sade; it all depends on what you want in your collection.

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