Smoothly perusing Kenny G posters is the second smoothest thing about this guy (the first being his tunes of course). This man has had an extensive career, one with plenty of peaks and valleys. From a relegation of sorts to Jazz radio stations to collaborations with The Weeknd, he's done it all. Like any pop-cultural phenomenon, the smooth Jazz player has critics. It's somewhat understandable. Any time someone reaches a certain level of success, detractors aren't far behind. Building the case for the sensual saxophonist won't be easy, but it should convince you by the end.

How many Kenny G concert posters really exist?

The answer to that question one might assume would depend on how many of Kenny's seventeen studio albums you've enjoyed so far. However, nowhere near that many tours have taken place. For all of the albums this guy did, there really are not a lot of concert poster options out there. Even if you start where his popularity did, with his fourth album entitled Duotones, very little pops up. What might be another direction to check out is who Kenny G has been an opening act for.

In the 1980s it appears Kenny G found success on the tour route by joining shows with bigger artists. His first major tour for Whitney Houston on the US portion of the Moment of Truth World Tour is a start most musicians might only dream of. Resell site eBay lists this promo poster (hung in window shops) at $49.34. If one were to be a critic of some kind, they might suggest that the poster reflects the musical stylings of Kenny G as well; for whatever reason, there is a lot of disdain for this artist by "real" Jazz fans and musicians alike.

More recent shows are the way to go for signed merchandise. This 2007 poster from the San Manuel Indian Bingo & Casino in Highland, California might be one of the best posters to seek out. It's signed by Kenny himself, and it appears to be in decent condition. This poster was previously in a frame. A signed poster for $75 sounds like a fair amount to shell out for something that might cost just as much to attend in person. Most of the items that I've come across so far have all been under $100.

Slim pickings

Concert tickets and signed CDs might be a better selection over concert posters right now. Non-tour shows are what dominate the listings for concert posters. That isn't necessarily a bad thing. It kind of just feels like if there isn't something sequential or serial to collect then it might drive down the price of the items that are available. Collectors have very accessible prices right now. Less than stellar public reception has lowered the price considerably.

For example, this 1999 George Benson and Kenny G ticket that originally cost $75. The current listing is now $10. Sure, it isn't signed and there's nothing flashy or all that colorful about it. But, one would think something this old might be worth more than that. Similar concert tickets have the same reductions, which is great for buyers right now. Sometimes an artist just isn't popular to collect. When those times happen (as they are now), it isn't a bad idea to seek them out so that when the tide turns you'll have lucked out with lower prices.

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