Little Stevie Wonder

Collecting in the key of wonderful seems like the best way to describe searching for Stevie Wonder posters.  Try and pick one era to collect from. Wonder's career spans nearly sixty years.

As you might imagine, an original poster from the 1960s might be a bit more difficult to find. A 1970s or 1980s poster will be more accessible, but also pricier depending on its original printing, artwork, and condition. Deciding how much to spring for an original might also depend on how much of a Wonder fan you are.



Which collection in the Key of Wonderful are you after

Stevie Wonder's impact on modern music is immeasurable. From his earlier work to his biggest hits, the Detroit singer-songwriter has left quite a musical fingerprint. Along with all of those albums are plenty of shows to choose from. I'm a bit partial to checking on shows from the start of a musician's career. The above poster in the opening paragraph is a reproduction, but it's an interesting poster nonetheless.

The Ricky-Tick in Windsor, Berkshire, England was an influential 1960s Jazz and Rhythm and Blues club, and this poster reflects that small venue feel. It's simple, one color, and has no frills. Despite all that, Stevie Wonder, The Rolling Stones, and Jimi Hendrix among many others made tour stops here.

Since this is a reproduction (one that the seller works to maintain every imperfection of the original), it's a cool $9.99 on eBay to obtain. Most reproductions will range around this amount, and casual audiences likely won't know much of a difference. That's when you might want to check out an original to see how into collecting you might be.

Stevie Wonder's biggest hits

"I Just Called to Say I Love You", Ribbon In The Sky", and "Lately" are just a few of the hits Stevie Wonder had in the 1980s. Pair that together with collaborations and harmonica features with Elton John, Michael Jackson, and Paul McCartney, and Stevie launched into the stratosphere of popular music. His concerts were just as globe-trekking and difficult to count. One such show caught my attention as I was looking through his 1980s concerts (see below).

Stevie Wonder & Wonderlove

Hawaii on its own merit must be a beautiful location. Throw in a world-renown musician like Wonder and you have yourself quite a vacation. You'll also be paying vacation prices comparatively, as this piece is listed as $274 for a near mint poster on Wolfgang's site. That's better than the original $548 listing for sure, but still a bit higher than I tend to spend (depending on the artist of course). It makes sense that at one of Stevie Wonder's career peaks, posters from said era cost more than what I've come across thus far. There is one more era to consider for this guy.

Wonder's golden years

Not too often I come across posters for my hometown of Denver, Colorado when it comes to poster hunting. Fortunately, in this case, I found one of his more recent tour stops in the Mile High City. One of the few regrets I have about concerts is not being able to attend one, and this Denver stop I missed.

Songs In The Key Of Life Performance Denver 2015


It's a fairly lowkey poster for a "historic one night only event", but perhaps that's symbolic for Wonder. No, he isn't building himself up like he was in the 1960s. Instead, it's a return to focusing on just the music and the show.

Obviously, Stevie has little if any input on the posters, but this $12 poster from Poster Scene in Boulder, Colorado is more my speed. Straightforward, no-frills posters fit his music now just like it did when he started. Let's hope the music and the posters keep coming for years to come.