The monthly Top 10 CGC Submissions is a curated list of comics and magazines that have been moving up CGC's grading lists. pulls the data straight from CGC over the past 30 days.

For the month of June, there are many familiar faces (e.g., Wolverine Limited Series #1), but we had many newcomers as well especially from the Rippaverse. Let's take a closer look at last month's CGC submissions.

Without further ado, here are the Top 10 CGC submissions during the month of June:

1. RippaZine Collector's Edition #1 (2024, Rippaverse Comics);

2. Yaira #1 (2024, Rippaverse Comics);

3. Yaira #1 Variant Cover B (2024, Rippaverse Comics);

4. Wolverine Limited Series #1 (1982, Marvel Comics);

5. RippaZine #1 (2024, Rippaverse Comics);

6. X-Men #1 (1991, Marvel Comics);4. Marvel Comics #1 (2023);

7. Marvel Comics #1 (2023, (2023) Pure Silver Foil)

8. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Reprint #2 (2024, IDW Publishing);

9. Ultimate Spider-Man 2 Third Printing (2011, Marvel Comics); and

10. Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars #8 (1984, Marvel Comics).

Submissions related to the Rippaverse ruled the month of June.

Comics from the lesser known Rippaverse dominated submissions to CGC last month knocking off the usual king of the hill, Marvel. Collectors (or perhaps more like Rippaverse itself) submitted a whopping 1,941 Rippaverse comics during the month of June. One absolute standout in terms of CGC submissions during the month of June is RippaZine #1, both the standard and collector's editions. If you've never heard of Rippaverse's Rippazine before the first, you're probably not the only one. Check out this YouTube video that introduces Rippazine #1. Rippazine seeks to provide information, collectibility (i.e., that's why there's a collector's edition), and, perhaps most importantly for investing purposes, introduce new characters for the first time.

Another Rippaverse product, Yaira #1, occupied positions 2 through 3. First appearing in ISOM #1 (the first comic published by Rippaverse), Yaira's powers include flight, super-strength, and cold-base abilities, which enables Yaira to manipulate the atmosphere. Yaira #1 is the first issue in her own series. Over 1,000 copies of this issue were submitted to CGC last month for grading.

Only three of the top 10 CGC submissions in June were also among the Top 10 submissions of all-time.

Perhaps a bit surprisingly, only 3 of the top 10 submissions during June are also among the top 10 most submitted books of all-time: X-Men #1, Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars #8, and Wolverine Limited Series #1. With new trailers for Venom 3 and Deadpool & Wolverine releasing last month, it's no surprise that we'd see key issues related to the symbiote and Wolverine resurfacing on this month's list. But by that same logic, you'd also expect to see Amazing Spider-Man #300 and New Mutants #98 here as well; so it's a surprise that the first appearance of Venom (14th this past month, but No. 1 all-time) and Deadpool (15th this past month, but No. 5 all-time) didn't make the top 10 in June.

Do you have any interesting observations for the month of June in terms of CGC submissions? Please let us know what you may have noticed in the comments section below!