Infinity Gauntlet #1 made its triumphant return to the Hottest Comics this week, and the market speculation for Red Hulk is once again gaining traction in this week’s Trending Comics.

There’s so much more to the Hottest Comics index than just the top of the food chain. It pays to dig deeper into the list where you see which comics are picking up steam further down the ranks. With that in mind, here are five Trending Comics that should get your attention.


Seeing Infinity Gauntlet #1 slingshot from outside the top 100 all the way to the 28th spot in a month is a double-edged sword.

On one hand, it’s great to see collectors embracing a classic George Perez key. On the other, it reminds us of the sad news that George has been diagnosed with terminal cancer.

Naturally, that has sent many collectors and investors to the auction sites for the creator’s most famous issues, and the MCU has made this one of his most beloved.


There was so much speculation heading into the fifth episode of Hawkeye, and much of the gossip revolves around Echo.

She debuted at the end of Episode Two, and there are rumors that Daredevil will co-star in the first season of her self-titled show on Disney+.

That has made her one of the hottest characters in the MCU, and her first appearance has been on the move for the past month.

52. BATMAN #497 (+9)

One of the surprise finds of the week is Batman #497.

The Dark Knight has undergone many transitions over the years, and the current comics run features a new Caped Crusader, Jace Fox, in the Future State titles.

Of course, Jace isn’t the first new face under the cowl. In the 1990s, the mantle was handed to Jean-Paul Valley, aka Azrael, who became the Dark Knight when Bane broke Bruce Wayne’s back in this issue.


What is happening with Red Hulk? His first appearance in 2008’s Hulk #1 came storming back into the top-100 Hottest Comics. My guess is that this stems from the growing speculation of a Thunderbolts movie rumored to be in development at Marvel Studios.

Kevin Feige, Marvel’s chief of basically everything, has not spoken on the subject, so take the gossip with a grain of salt.

However, with She-Hulk on the horizon, there could be an opening for Red Hulk to arrive in the MCU before transitioning to the Thunderbolts, and that could be fueling the speculation for Hulk #1.


Not since 1965 has the Swordsman gotten so much attention. In fact, I would wager he’s never been as popular as he is these days thanks to his role in Hawkeye.

For the past 30 days, Jacques Duquesne’s debut in Avengers #19 has been climbing the ranks as collectors wait for him to break out the full costume for Disney+.

Odds are, we won’t see much more of Swordsman after the conclusion of Hawkeye’s final episode, so I advise caution before overspending on this one.

What Trending Comics do you have in your long boxes? Let us know in the comments!

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