Incredible Hulk #181 and Darth Vader #3 clawed their way back up the Hottest Comics ladder in this week’s Trending Comics.

It pays to see what buyers are targeting. That’s the entire idea behind the Hottest Comics rankings, and the top-100 single issues are based solely on sales volume. Don’t have the time to scroll through the entire list? Luckily, I did the work for you, and we see some interesting buying trends this week.

10. X-Men, Vol. 2, #1 (+24)

The second volume of X-Men #1 found its way onto both the Coldest Comics and the Trending Comics lists this week. How can it be both trending upward and falling backwards at the same time?

As I mentioned in Coldest Comics, it comes down to that world record print run. There were so many editions of X-Men #1 published in 1991 that there is no reason to overspend for a copy.

In this case, the Magneto variant, which tends to be the most popular of all those Jim Lee covers, is a cheaper investment, even at a graded 9.8. Whereas the collector’s edition will cost you upwards of $100, the Magneto cover has come back down to below the triple-digit mark as of late.

31. INCREDIBLE HULK #181 (+24)

When it comes to those holy grails of comic collecting, Wolverine’s first full appearance stands atop the Bronze Age mountain.

No matter how expensive Hulk #181 becomes, there will always be buyers willing to fork over huge amounts to own a copy.

The lowly 1.0 is still close to a $2,000 comic, and it’s not going to get any cheaper.

With all the Wolverine casting talk making the rounds, that $2k could seem like a bargain in a couple of years. 

52. DARTH VADER #3 (+19)

This issue has been on a stock market roller coaster this year. Back when Black Krrsantan appeared in The Book of Boba Fett, the Star Wars fandom immediately began building their new favorite Wookie costumes.

With Krrsantan came theories of Doctor Aphra coming along for the ride as the two are directly connected in the comics. Then BOBF took a mighty turn in the wrong direction, and practically everything tied to the show took a hit.

Darth Vader #3 slid down the Hottest Comics rankings, but it began to rebound this week. This is an issue worth keeping an eye on.


The latest news is that famed Black Panther director Ryan Coogler will serve as executive producer for the Ironheart Disney+ series.

Riri Williams is slated to make her MCU debut in Wakanda Forever.

It’s enough to put buyers on the path of her key issues, including the famous cover art for Invincible Iron Man #1.

This 2017 issue marks her first cover appearance with her sporting the classic Iron Man armor. 


Understandably, all the attention and MCU speculation has been aimed at the Young Avengers and the West Coast Avengers. Why wouldn’t it?

Marvel has been building the teams of the future on Disney+ for the past year. Could there be another team coming as well? That’s the question many collectors are asking, and it is leading them to the doorstep of the revamped Champions team.

Although the group was first introduced in the 1970s, the 2016 version featured a youth movement with members like Kamala Khan, the Sam Alexander Nova, Miles Morales, a teenage Cyclops from an alternate timeline, the Totally Awesome Hulk, and Viv Vision.

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