I have no idea if Gwenpool will be making her way into the MCU anytime soon. Odds are that she will not be, but she would be lot of fun in the multiverse. I do think there is a good chance she shows up in the upcoming M.O.D.O.K. Hulu series. Regardless of her prospects of making her way onto the big screen, Gwenpool is easily one of Marvel’s most interesting creations. This article will look at a handful of rarer Gwenpool variants. I will focus on books with relatively small print runs.

For the sake of this article, I am going to assume everybody already knows about Deadpool’s Secret Secret Wars #2 and Howard the Duck #1, 1:25 Ron Lim and Sketch Variants. Good luck finding the Ron Lim 1:25 variant at this point, it is a certified ghost. These three books are already well regarded Gwenpool variants.

Gwenpool #3 1:25

This one of my very favorite Gwenpool covers. Retailers ordered around 33,000 copies of #3 meaning this book probably has less than 1,200 copies floating around out there. I really love the way that Kirbi Fagan draws Gwenpool here. GoCollect has 14 graded copies on their census.

Gwenpool #1 – 2nd Printing

It would not be an article by Mr. Long/Short if it did not discuss a late printing. There are likely 3,000 of these out there and they are not that expensive. I suggest picking one up if you see it. Additionally, the Skottie Young Variant #1  is a book I like quite a bit. In the past I have spoken about grabbing Young variants for Marvel’s young heroes, this fits right in.

Gwenpool #13 – 1:25 Contest of Champions Variant

This 1:25 variant came later in the series making it tough to track down. I have heard that the very popular Venomized #13 variant was not eligible to meet the order requirement for this variant. If this is true qualifying orders on this book were super low, making this 1:25 extremely rare. Total orders for issue #13 were approximately 27,000.



West Coast Avengers #2 – 1:25 Movie Poster Variant

West Coast Avengers has never had a huge following despite it being a very good read. As a result, issue #2 had less than 25,000 copies ordered by retailers. Most retailers were not ordering 25 copies of this book making this 1:25 variant a tough book to find. Gwenpool features prominently making this cover worthy of this list and one of my favorite Gwenpool variants.


Gwenpool Strikes Back #1 -2nd Printing

The fourth wall braking aspect of this book really appeals to me.  That and the fact that retailers ordered less than 1,000 copies of this makes it super collectable. Because only hardcore Gwenpool fans as chasing this book, it is relatively inexpensive. If Gwenpool takes off, I don't expect this to be the case for long. GoCollect does not have this book in their database.



Collecting obscure Gwenpool variants is a passion of mine. She is one of Marvel’s most underutilized characters and the one with arguably the most potential. If Gwenpool catches on, these books are likely to disappear.