It’s time once more for Undervalued and Overlooked Comics! This time around our focus runs the gamut of Bronze Age comics – first appearances, Marvel, DC, Indies, and famous artists. Take a look and see what comics you just might be missing out on.

First Miller Daredevil

Reading that headline, you would be forgiven for thinking that I’m referring to Daredevil #158, but that wasn’t Frank Miller’s first time penciling Daredevil. That came in Spectacular Spider-Man #27. There are few character/artist associations as close as Daredevil and Miller, so it’s surprising that his first work on the character isn’t as valued as it could be.

There are 1,406 graded copies of Spectacular Spider-Man #27 in the CGC census, a number large enough that we could never call this an overlooked comic. Undervalued? That’s a different story. It’s been nearly three months since a graded copy sold, so we only have the 90-day average to go on for current prices.

That 90-day average stands at $485, 10% lower than the 1-year average of $538. It’s also down below half of the January 2022 peak price of $995. Of course, it pales in comparison to what you’d pay for a 9.8 Daredevil #158, which has a current 90-day average of $1,500. If you’re a Frank Miller Daredevil fan – and who isn’t – at these prices Spectacular Spider-Man #27 is definitely worth consideration for your collection.

First Omega Men

Our next book is both overlooked and undervalued. The Omega Men – not the biggest stars in the DC firmament by any stretch of the imagination – made their first appearance in Green Lantern #141.

Best known for introducing Lobo to the comic-reading public, the Omega Men have all but disappeared from any DC storytelling. But these second (or even third) tier characters are exactly the type that could someday appear in a James Gunn-led DCU. So, it’s a little surprising to see prices so low for this book.

There are 348 graded copies of Green Lantern #141. While a low census count for a Bronze Age comic, it’s a lot more than the issues before and after. Only three graded copies have sold this year. All are between the grades of 8.0 and 9.2 with an average price around $70, regardless of grade.

Despite the fantastic George Perez cover, it’s been more than a year since a 9.8 was sold in an April 2022 eBay auction for just $431. With the way prices have dropped since, it wouldn’t be at all surprising to find a copy for less than $350. Sure, it’s a bit of a spec play, and one that might not pan out. However, late Bronze Age issues of Green Lantern are some of the better DC comics of the time, and the character is one of the better long term value plays when looking at DC’s roster of superheroes.

First Nexus

In 1980, Mike Baron and Steve Rude created a superhero for Capital Comics that somehow, against all odds, has survived to this day. In the process, Steve Rude became one of the better-regarded artists in the comics world, winning the Kirby, Eisner, and Harvey Awards.

It all started in Nexus #1. There are only 71 graded copies in the CGC census. You rarely see copies of this comic up for sale. In fact, a 9.8 copy hadn’t sold since June 2017, when it went for $322 in a ComicConnect auction. That is, until a 9.8 sold in an eBay best-offer sale on March 22 for a slashed $920. That sets a high bar. While this sale may make it no longer an undervalued comic, it is often overlooked by today’s collectors. And, if you’re willing to settle for a lower grade, based on 2022 sales you should be able to find 9.2 and 9.0 graded copies for less than $100.

Well, that’s all we have time for this week.  Join us next week as we return to the Golden Age with more Golden Age Collecting on a Budget.

Are there any Bronze Age comics you think are undervalued and deserve more attention?  Let us know below.

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