Dracula and Morbius aren’t the only vampires stalking the Marvel Universe, and collectors would be wise to take a closer look at Nina Price, the Vampire By Night.

The latest word on the internet is that the Marvel Halloween Special is adding a new supernatural face: Vampire By Night. Last year, Disney/Marvel made it official that Werewolf By Night has been cast for the upcoming special. Now, Laura Donnelly from HBO Max’s The Nevers will suit up as Nina Price.


Not to be confused with Michael Morbius, the Living Vampire, Nina Price is the Vampire By Night. Created in 2005, she is a recent addition to the Marvel pantheon. While the Halloween Special will feature Jake Lopez as the Werewolf By Night, Nina is the niece of the original WBN from the comics, Jack Russell. Like Jake, she can use her supernatural power to become a vampire each night while remaining human during the day. 


Nina’s comic roots extend well beyond her Uncle Jack. As the story goes, Nina and Jack have an ancestor who was corrupted by the Darkhold, which was added to the MCU in WandaVision. In case Nina’s ancestor didn’t have a bad enough day already, he also was bitten by a werewolf working for Dracula. As the werewolf curse traced its path through the Price family tree, Nina was bitten by a vampire.

When the whatever-it-is-that-makes-a-vampire was altered by the werewolf curse, it turned Nina into the Vampire By Night. Welcome to comic book logic 101.

She made her first appearance in 2005’s Amazing Fantasy #10, and that will be the first issue that collectors will target. In fact, they already have. Shortly after the Nina Price news broke, raw copies of AF #10 were selling for as much as $80. That’s a quick jump for the key issue, considering they were earning about half that at the end of December.


This could be where it’s all headed: Nick Fury’s Howling Commandos. Similar to Great Britain’s MI-13, this version of the Howling Commandos is another team intent on keeping the supernatural threats at bay.

The original Howling Commandos were dated to World War II to fight Nazis. This version took the name literally as the team is led by a werewolf named Warwolf. Guess who else is on the team? Besides Frankenstein’s Monster, the Zombie, the Living Mummy, and Warwolf, there’s the Vampire By Night.

With all those campy horror characters in one place, the Howling Commandos should feel right at home in the Marvel Halloween Special. Chances are, that’s exactly what the special is building towards; don’t be surprised to see some of the other characters.

Nearly two weeks into January, Howling Commandos #1 remains a sleeper pick. So far this month, the raw copies have stayed in the $5-$10 range.


With Marvel introducing Vampire By Night into the MCU, the next step will be to pit her against Blade. That could mean that after Nina debuts in the Halloween Special, she will play a larger part in the Blade movie or a potential MI-13 film or series. That will make her key issues even more lucrative going forward. Don’t hesitate to get your copies before the prices get out of hand.

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