The Dylan Brock speculation has reached a boiling point, and his key issues are setting record highs this week thanks to Venom #200. WARNING: SPOILER ALERT FOR VENOM #200.


After three years of teases and cryptic hints, Donny Cates proved true to his word that something big was in store for Eddie Brock’s son, Dylan. In the course of “the King in Black,” Eddie has taken over as God of the Symbiotes, though he has been aged significantly and is no longer the high-flying Venom. As Cates hands over the writing duties to Al Ewing, so does Eddie hand over the Venom symbiote to Dylan. 

This new development has caused all of Dylan’s early appearances to spike tremendously, not that I didn’t warn you about this a year ago. On that note, here are the latest numbers on the front.


Here we have it: the official first appearance of Dylan Brock. Like so many characters in the history of comics, his initial debut was merely a tease of things to come. In this issue, Dylan is featured momentarily, masquerading as Eddie’s long-lost younger brother that he wanted to save from Eddie’s abusive father. 

This week, the 9.8 standard edition has been hitting record highs left and right. On June 15, copies were selling anywhere from $125 all the way to the current record $200. Now that Venom #200 is on store shelves, it will just keep rising.

What is interesting is that Marvel issued what is known as a secret variant for Venom #7. Marvel will occasionally issue these without notifying the public. In this case, the difference is simply the tongue sticking out. This was not part of the original artwork for the standard cover. It didn’t take long for collectors to discover this.  Getting one is not terribly tricky if you find yourself an auction site.

There have not been any records broken just yet, but that will likely happen soon. The most recent sales from this week have seen the 9.8 sell for as much as $190. It has a long way to go, as the record stands at $240 from last year.


If you have read the latest issue, then you know that the Venom symbiote returns to its dog form that was first seen on this cover. It is a fitting callback to Dylan’s first full appearance in this issue. 

This has remained the more popular of the Dylan keys, especially after all of Cates’ teases of big things in the future for Eddie’s kid. Considering that Venom #9 is only three years old, it makes sense that virtually all the sales are for higher grades. Just this week, the 9.8 crossed the $400 mark with a $463 sale. It shattered the previous record by nearly $150.


Here we have a widely overlooked key-in-waiting. Dylan’s first cover appearance as a preteen boy was on a variant for Venom #10 shortly after his first full appearance. Now that the Brock family has come full circle in their very own version of Batman Beyond, this issue is destined to be a much more popular comic. A year ago, the record was set at $125, but this week has already seen it surpass that when it hit $140. 


Things get a bit complicated when it comes to Dylan’s first cover appearance. Technically, the Venom #12 second print is the first time we see Dylan on a comic cover. However, this Ryan Stegman art featured the future Venom as a baby in his mother’s arms. He was unrecognizable compared to the older version of the character that fans know and love. Despite that, this has become one of the biggest Dylan keys. Earlier this week, the 9.8 sold for a record-breaking $225, which puts it over $100 above its 2020 fair market value.


The future is now for Dylan Brock, and the next wave of speculation will flow into Sony’s Venom-verse. Could we see Eddie’s son on the big screen in the upcoming Let There Be Carnage? Furthermore, could Dylan be the MCU’s Venom? The possibilities are far and wide.