It appears in the near future, the first appearances of established characters could be very difficult to obtain due to the increased value of key issues. One alternative is to consider issues with these character's second appearances before it is too late. First appearances for characters tend to yield the maximum value for comic books. Interestingly enough, the worldwide pandemic has not slowed down the value of comics as we are adapting numerous comics into movies and television shows. Fans have responded well to these adaptations and there has not been any "superhero fatigue".

Collectors have been hunting down any issues nowadays that contain first appearances with the hopes of big financial gains down the road. Many classic comic characters such as The Punisher, Thor, Harley Quinn, and Batman Beyond have seen the value of their issues increased rapidly over time. Some of them due to their recent movie exposure, while others gaining value due to the speculation of being on a show or movie.

Amazing Spider-Man #134

ASM #134 depicts the 2nd appearance of The Punisher, but also the first appearance of the Tarantula. This issue could be very valuable in the coming years as the Punisher's value has risen to crazy heights lately. The first appearance of the Punisher has been rising due to the speculation of the character joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).

Another important detail of this issue is it is the first appearance of the Tarantula. The character Tarantula generally is considered a foe to heroes such as Spider-Man, Punisher, Captain America, and Black Cat. Though, the character has also teamed up with Spider-Man and Shang Chi in defeating other villains. This particular book has many associations with established Marvel characters.  It is said that the market technically does not consider this issue as the second appearance, but more of a cameo appearance. Either way, Amazing Spider-Man #134 is still a nice issue to have with a first appearance included.

Daredevil #2

Daredevil is another character where his value has rose due to  MCU speculation.  His first appearance came in Daredevil #1, which is considered the most valuable issue for this character to own. If the character joins the MCU and it could be announced soon, then the consideration is to grab the 2nd appearance of the character.

The issue I am referring to is Daredevil #2. This issue does contain the 2nd appearance of Daredevil and Electro. Electro is a classic Spider-Man villain that has also seen its values rise lately. A reason for the rise in this character's value could be due to the rumors of him returning to the movies with Jamie Foxx reprising the role. Lastly, another important detail of this issue is it is the first crossover between the Fantastic Four and Daredevil. Once again, it is almost certain that the Fantastic Four is coming to the MCU and a meeting between these heroes could be imminent.

Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #1

Another book that will be undervalued for years to come is Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #1. This issue has important details that many people may not know. Firstly, it is the second overall full appearance of Miles Morales. He dons the costume and title of Spider-Man in his own universe. It is also the first solo title based on this character. The issue details the origin of the character. These important details are key as his first appearance issue has grown tremendously in the last year.

This issue is a great alternative for Miles Morales' fans. Lastly, as an added bonus, this issue contains the first appearance of the Ultimate Prowler, Uncle Miles in the Ultimate Universe. Uncle Miles is a recurring villain and figure in the Morales' universe. Knowledge is key as this issue has at least four variants that hard to find and are valued higher than the first print.

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