Anyone who’s been following James Gunn’s first official DCU film may have seen a very peculiar picture from the set. 

So, why is Superman apparently talking with a Squirrel?

With Guy Gardner appearing in the upcoming film, being played by Gunn's frequent contributor, Nathan Fillion, it only makes sense that we might see more members of the Green Lantern Corps. But, could they be taking a giant swing by including Ch'p?

Ch'p is a fictional character from DC Comics, specifically known for being a member of the Green Lantern Corps. He is a small, anthropomorphic squirrel-like alien from the planet H'lven, and he serves as a Green Lantern for Space Sector 1014. Ch'p is known for his bravery and intelligence despite his diminutive size, and he has been featured in various Green Lantern storylines over the years.

In Injustice: Year Two #10, our little alien rodent friend was able to stop an evil Superman by temporarily "freezing" him by obstructing the synapses in his brain. Usually it would take a team of Green Lanterns, but Ch'p was able to go small and stop him in previously inconceivable ways.

And yes, it could just be a squirrel, but an anthropomorphic animal wouldn't be a first for James Gunn.

Created by writer Paul Kupperberg and artist Don Newton, Ch'p first appeared in Green Lantern Vol. 2 #148 in January 1982. He has since become a beloved character among Green Lantern fans, known for his distinctive appearance and his determination to uphold justice as a member of the intergalactic peacekeeping force known as the Green Lantern Corps.

Ch'p of Sector 1014, is summoned by a Guardian to save his people from their main enemy, the Berrith, from an unstable sun. Upon his arrival the Berrith mock the tiny Green Lantern, but he's victorious. He goes on to protect the Berrith from invaders and leaves them with a warning. If they use their warships, they will have to face the entire Green Lantern Corps. The issue, at a CGC 9.8, recently sold for around $300 on ebay.

His full backstory was recounted in Green Lantern #203, in which Lantern villain Doctor Ub'X recounts his history with long-time enemy Ch'p. The issue last sold at a 9.8 way back in 2016, for $40. So needless to say it wouldn't be too difficult to pick up a copy as an investment. The issue was written by Steve Englehart with art by Joe Staton and Mark Farmer.

Long-time fans of the character might also recognize him from his arch in Crisis on Infinite Earths. In issue #9 of the series (December 1985), he tragically loses his family while trying to stop the Anti-Monitor's Shadow Demons from reaching Earth. Just as the crisis erased many's existence from Earth, Ch'p's existence was erased from H'lven. His wife, M'nn'e married his best friend and the Green Lantern Corp never existed in their reality. Ch'p's bravery and sacrifice were significant moments in the Crisis storyline, highlighting the peril faced by heroes from across the DC multiverse. His erasure from his timeline, like many others during the Crisis, underscored the high stakes and the immense threat posed by the Anti-Monitor to the entire DC Universe.

His usage in Green Lantern Corps stories were greatly reduced as time progressed. He ultimately met a more permanent demise in 1992's Green Lantern: Mosaic #2 where he was unceremoniously run over by a truck. Fans were distraught, and it would be an honor to see James Gunn show some love to a truly one of a kind character. Ch'p primarily interacts within the Green Lantern mythology and its related characters. Therefore, while characters from different corners of the DC universe occasionally cross paths, it's unlikely that Ch'p would feature prominently in Superman's legacy.

Maybe a squirrel is just a squirrel, but a fan can surely dream.