It was a rough week for some of Marvel's mainstays as the Coldest Comics dropped the cold shoulder on these issues.

March weather is known for its fickle nature. Just like collectors’ buying habits, the wind can blow icy cold one day only to swap that for balmy temperatures in an instant. The same can be said for these five issues that fell on the Coldest Comics.

This time around, Mister Sinister and Spider-Gwen led the charge as their key issues plummeted through the depths. Don’t worry; if you have invested in either comic, your ship will eventually come in. For now, you have to batten down the hatches and weather the storm.

What are the Hottest Comics? Based on data taken from the grandfather of all auction sites, eBay, these are the best-selling single issues on the market. This includes both graded and raw varieties, though it does not factor fair market values. For this blog, we’ll be taking a closer look at the five issues that lost the most ground over the past 10 days, thus earning the dubious distinction of Coldest Comics.

96. UNCANNY X-MEN #221 (-49)

Buyers can’t decide if they want Mister Sinister’s key issues or not. It’s become a normal experience for this issue to climb up the ladder only to take a drastic plunge days later. This week, it happened to be the former.

As is the case with so many comics spotlighted in the Coldest blog, the lack of X-Men news is the main culprit in Uncanny X-Men #221’s sudden dip. Granted, we know the Merry Mutants are on their way, and Marvel has been hinting at their MCU arrival for a year. For that matter, Wolverine’s inclusion in Deadpool 3 should pave the way for them. Which characters we’ll see and what villains they’ll face is still anyone’s guess. 

It’s long been rumored that Mister Sinister will be their first major threat, and there is a chance we could see him in Deadpool 3. After all, the Essex Corporation was teased in X-Men: Apocalypse as well as Logan, not to mention he was the mystery figure in The New Mutants. Of course, two out of three of those movies are worth forgetting, but he was still on the slate. With Hugh Jackman connecting the Fox franchise to the MCU, Kevin Feige may pick up that loose thread and make something original. Who knows?

100. SPIDER-GWEN #1 (-42)

I have written it many times before, but it bears repeating: Spider-Gwen will get her own feature film or live-action series…at some point. Keep in mind, there are no rumors or gossip to any of that as far as I am aware, so take my comments with a grain of salt. Still, she’s too good of a character to leave on the shelf, especially when Sony is cranking out the Spider-Verse spinoff movies with less familiar faces left and right. Logically, Spider-Gwen would be the next step in building the Sony-Verse.

Since we’ve already got the likes of Silk getting her own live-action series, why wouldn’t Gwen Stacy be on the radar? Certainly, she will play a large role in Across the Spider-Verse, and she may well get her own spin off animated movie. However, it’s the world of live action that will have the biggest impact on FMVs. In that realm, we could see her debut in the MCU, which would be an even bigger boon for speculators and investors. With Marvel already tapping into Sony’s two Spider-Man film franchises, it’s not out of the realm of possibility for Emma Stone to return to the fold as the alternate-dimension Gwen. And the people would rejoice, celebrating with plenty of key issues added to their collections. 

93. AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #298 (-41)

It wouldn’t be a trip down the Hottest Comics index without at least one Usual Suspect. While ASM #298 isn’t an official frequent flier, it is awfully close. Of course, that tends to happen in regards to the perennial favorite comics that boast affordable price tags. 

In this case, you have what’s essentially the first appearance of Todd McFarlane. Granted, the superstar artist had published art in other comics, this is where he staked his claim to the spotlight. His work on Spider-Man endures to this day, and it began with his most popular creation, Venom (sorry, Spawn fans). Since we don’t see the character in full — he’s seen creeping over Eddie Brock’s shoulder for a tease of things to come — this issue isn’t a high priority for symbiote fans. Instead, the real appeal is McFarlane’s first work in his legendary ASM run.

What will help this issue’s FMVs will be when the Black Suit Saga comes to the MCU. Since we have Venom and Eddie established in their own film franchise in the Sony-verse, it leaves plenty of questions about what is to come in the MCU. Will we get a separate Venom? Will Marvel Studios veer away from the source material entirely, as the company tends to do? Those are big questions that need answers, but the mystery itself will help cause a spike for all things Venom and symbiotes when Marvel tips its hand.

80. NOVA #1 (-35)

The Man Called Nova is basically treading water at this point. Week after week, it rises and falls through the rankings as buyers wait for news on his MCU debut. The word on the internet is that he is definitely coming, but there’s been no indication on how or when that will happen. In the collecting world, no news means the key issues hit the backburner in terms of sales. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. 

While the world waits for Marvel to reveal its Nova introduction plans, now is a great time to stock up on his first appearance. Despite the fact that we could see a number of different characters sport the Nova moniker, Richard Rider’s first appearance as the titular character will be the comic to own. Prices aren’t exactly cheap at the moment, but they will seem like bargains once he is confirmed for a Disney Plus series, special, or a theatrical premiere. If you have been on the fence about buying a Nova #1, this could be your time to act. Just be patient and prepare to play the long game.

59. MARVEL PREMIERE #47 (-30)

Out of all five entries in today’s Coldest Comics, this might be the least surprising. Here we have Scott Lang’s first appearance as Ant-Man following his debut sans costume in Avengers #181. It’s normal for a key issue to experience the ebbs and flows of the new movie collecting waves. Being that Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania is the third in the franchise, the novelty of his first appearance isn’t going to inspire huge buying numbers. Couple that with a lackluster movie, and it’s no wonder that Marvel Premiere #47 would take a dip in the sales department. 

As the MCU fandom is still feeling the effects of Quatumania, Scott’s debut comic will continue to have the yo-yo string attached to it. Eventually, the tide will likely turn for Ant-Man, but for the time being, buyers are steering away from this issue. On the plus side, that could make for an opportune moment to invest. Since Scott survived the events of the film, we can assume that he’ll return for the next Avengers installments, possibly with a leadership role. That could be good for FMVs.

Of course, if Marvel puts up another stinker of an Ant-Man movie, this key issue could be doomed for the foreseeable future, so investing doesn’t come without its risks.

*Any perceived investment advice is that of the freelance blogger and does not represent advice on behalf of GoCollect.