The October Mega Sale PART 1 is open for online bidding at PAE! Psychedelic Art Exchange's October Mega Sale Auction contains 200 lots, all starting with an opening bid of $1. Part I presents an assortment of paper collectibles culled from the history of American popular music. The items for auction are guaranteed authentic by The Psychedelic Art Exchange and all items are authenticated and graded in-house by PAE.

With a high bid of $250 after 9 bids, we have a 1984 Grateful Dead Berkeley Griffin Poster in NEAR MINT 89 condition.

This poster was produced for a Grateful Dead show in 1984 and is one of the later creations of master artist Rick Griffin. Griffin's design had not been approved by the management of the Grateful Dead prior to its release and, as a result, many of them were confiscated by authorities from the outside table where Griffin was selling them before the show.  Some managed to survive, though they are are few and far between.

In September, an example in similar condition reached $800 in another PAE auction.  This entry is estimated to land between $400 and $800.

Also up for bids is a 1980 Grateful Dead Radio City Poster appraised to be in NEAR MINT 89 condition.

According to PAE, "The Grateful Dead's run of shows at Radio City Music Hall in 1980 are legendary and are considered to be some of the finest in the Band's voluminous history. The band played one acoustic and two electric sets of music each night. This was an incredibly rare occurrence and resulted in some of the finest performances ever staged by the Dead. The acoustic performances are beautifully captured on the album Reckoning, one of the Band's finest commercial releases.

The poster for these concerts was not approved of by the venue and not used for promotion. There are several bootlegged copies of this poster so one should be careful when purchasing. This is an original printing and is covered by The Psychedelic Art Exchange lifetime guarantee of authenticity."

Currently, this entry is resting on a high bid of $250 after 9 bids, but is estimated to sell for between $1,000 and $1,500.

For Pink Floyd fans, there is a 1977 Pink Floyd Soldier Field Poster with a condition rating of MINT 95.

This is an original poster promoting Pink Floyd at Chicago's Soldier Field in 1977 from the beginning of the band's "Animals" tour. The poster shows the name of the tour that year - In The Flesh. The tour would make a heavy impact on songwriter Roger Waters, who would be influenced by it heavily as he turned to his next piece of work, The Wall.

This poster has a current high bid of $300 after 7 bids and an estimated value of $400 - $850.

The last one I'm looking at (in this blog, at least,) is a signed 1990 Red Hot Chili Peppers Bronco Bowl Poster.

From PAE, "This original poster was produced for a series of Texas shows in Dallas & Houston that featured the Red Hot Chili Peppers & The Meat Puppets in May of 1990. This colorful image was designed by artist Frank Kozik, and there were only a small quantity printed. Best of all, this piece is SIGNED by the artist, Frank  Kozik."

This poster has a current high bid of $225, which is within the estimated sales price of $200 - $400.

Preview is available online until lots begin to close, tomorrow, 10/27 @ 8 PM EST. Take a look at all the entries HERE.

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