I still remember seeing Wesley Snipes as Blade. Slicing, and cutting everyone in his path. He was ruthless, yet had a code of honor. Now in this new era, we have a new Blade in the works being played by Mahershala Ali. Ali has been in some great movies and once the news is announced more often Blade key books will start to spike.

Currently, many videos on YouTube are talking about modern books or speculating on the new WandaVision series. This frees up many of the other books you have been searching for, such as Blade key books. Even if you are not a fan, now is when it’s best to buy and flip down the line. With the world finally starting to move forward, it is only a matter of time before we see trailers showcasing the iconic Blade very soon. So which books do I think are ripe for the taking? Keep reading below to see!

5 Key Blade Books to Snatch Up

5. Avengers #12

This is a good issue to have because it is when Blade joins the Avengers. With all of the new changes that the Avengers team will face down the line, who knows who will land on their roster. Regardless, this is a good book to have. Avengers #12 not only features Blade joining the Avengers, but also the 1st Team Appearance of the Agents of Wakanda. The fate of Wakanda is still in the air and Kevin Feige, the sky’s the limit on what can happen.

Currently, there is not enough information to generate an FMV however, on eBay you can find many of them going for under $10 raw. I can’t see this book hitting the $1,000’s but you will at least make your money back and more. Use this to help you obtain the book you really need!

4. Spirits of Vengeance #1

This is the premier issue of the Spirits of Vengeance, consisting of Blade, Ghost Rider, Satana, and Daimon Helstrom. About 3-4 years ago there was talk about Marvel filing a trademark on the name, “Spirits of Vengeance”. This could be for a multitude of reasons, one being that we may see them on the big screen down the line. I can see Marvel taking a turn to the dark side in the years to come. We saw the Earth realm, now we will most likely go Cosmic, and then I hope to see the dark side of Marvel.  Maybe we will even see some Midnight Sons as well!

The CGC census only shows about 10 issues being graded with 2 of them being signature series. As for the FMV, there is only one sale listed for a 9.8 at $55. What does this mean? This means that you can find hundreds of copies in the wild for cheap. Keep an eye out for Spirits of Vengeance #1!

3. Fear (Adventure Into) #24

This is another nugget worth grabbing especially because it is cheap and easily available. Even with all of the delays, we all know Morbius will be coming out soon. With that said, this is the 1st Appearance of Blade outside of Tomb of Dracula as well as the issue where Morbius and Blade first meet.  I can see these coming together on the big screen and making some movie magic. It is about time Marvel jumped into the supernatural realm and you can’t beat starting with these two.

Looking at the CGC census we see that there are approximately 114 Fear (Adventure Into) #24 books graded with tons more in the wild raw. A 9.8 graded book is seeing $550 for the FMV but if you scoot a few grades down, you can score a 9.4 for $180 or less graded. Obviously, raw books will be even cheaper in price.

2. Tomb of Dracula #13Blade Origin Story

Enter Deacon Frost, the vampire who bit Blade’s mother during birth, giving Blade his powers. This issue introduces us, through a cameo, the man who bestowed Blade with vampire status. Once the movie comes out, this will absolutely spike. Even though his 1st appearance is always the one you want, this is a great runner-up. Think about it, you can’t introduce Blade and his origin without including Frost and his mother. In my opinion, this is a good book to grab on the cheap, wait till prices jump, and then sell.

A few years ago, Tomb of Dracula #13 in a 9.8 would only cost you about $500. If you take a look now, a 9.8 has an FMV of $1,550 and slowly climbing. However, if you drop a few grades, so does the price. A 9.0 sold a few months ago for $60 under the FMV of $180. This shows deals can be done and that people are still moving those books. As I said though, this book I would buy and hold till the news drops, then sell.

Blade 1st Appearance1. Tomb of Dracula #10

We have arrived at the Crème de la Crème, the top of the top for this blog, the 1st Appearance of Blade the Vampire Slayer in Tomb of Dracula #10. With a dollar and a dream, this young couple is at the London docks trying to find a way to that land of dreams and roads paved with gold, America. However, 3 vampires who were lurking around looked at them and saw…food. Before this couple could be turned into appetizers, Blade runs to their rescue, easily taking them all down.  This starts the rivalry between Dracula and Blade and our love for the Day Walker.

Everyone loves the 1st appearance of a character, with this one being no different.  The FMV for a 9.8 is $11,500 with a possible spike coming up. But have no fear, lower prices are still here! There are some lower grades that are somewhat feasible depending on the flexibility of your wallet. Once you hit the 7.5 and below range, you are looking at paying under $1,000. At a 6.0 the FMV drops down to $700. It’s a hard grab, (I know it would hurt my pockets,) but one I believe worth getting.

Bottom Line

Blade Promo ShotLike I say all the time, look and do your research.  There are always deals to be made, especially in the raw format. Take your time and do not fall into FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out). I chose these books each for a reason involving the future of the MCU. However, it does not mean you should grab all 5 and hold on to them to dear life. Personally, Tomb of Dracula #10 and Spirits of Vengeance #1 are the two to hold on to for now, especially Tomb of Dracula #10. The others I would flip. Get them cheap and sell them during the spike after the first trailer. Fear #24 may be the one to surprise us all. Seeing Blade and Morbius go at it with each other would be EPIC! Especially since you have powerhouses like Mahershala Ali and Jared Leto as the leads.

Either way, get ready because the Day Walker will be hitting the screens in the next few years. Now is the time to be looking for these keys before they get hot and unreachable. Is there any you think should have made the list? Do you have any of these? Drop me a line below!

Till Next Time, Happy Hunting!

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