The Atlanta Braves have produced a consistently winning product for more than 30 years. An important aspect of the franchise's spectacular performance has come down to scouting. While Atlanta doesn't typically outspend their rivals, the club is excellent at scouting. A good example of Atlanta's success in scouting is outfielder Ronald Acuna. Acuna has developed into one of the finest players in the sport and could win an MVP award as soon as this year. Here are some cards to consider before that happens.

2017 Bowman Chrome Prospects 

Image via PSA

For most players today, their first issue comes in the Bowman Chrome Prospects set. This was the case with Ronald Acuna. He was signed in the summer of 2014. After rocketing through the Braves farm system, he appeared on his first Bowman card in the 2017 Prospects set.

The card certainly isn't rare. Collectors can still grab a gem mint 10 copy of the card for around $300. Of course, there are rarer options within the set for hobbyists looking for something a little more valuable. A PSA 10 refractor card will run for closer to $1,300.

2018 Topps Heritage 

Image via PWCC

In 2001, on the company's 50th Anniversary, Topps released Heritage. The line was meant to celebrate the company's history by making current cards in the design of some of the brand's most recognizable sets. The idea proved to be a good one and Topps has continued to produce the Heritage brand.

Collectors looking to get an affordable Ronald Acuna rookie card can look towards his first Heritage issue. The card is readily affordable online. By being patient, hobbyists may even be able to grab a PSA 10 copy of the card for less than $50.

2018 Topps Clearly Authentic Auto 

Image via Beckett

Ronald Acuna has yet to win the MVP award. His best season came in 2019 when he hit 41 home runs and stole 37 bases along with leading the National League in runs scored with 127. Unfortunately for the Atlanta Brave, Cody Bellinger and Christian Yelich also had massive seasons and the center fielder finished 5th in the voting.

Many collectors look for rookie cards that are autographed by the player. The Topps Clearly Authentic autograph could be a good option for them. The issue is not overly expensive. Depending on variation and condition, hobbyists can expect to pay between $500 and $1500.

2018 Panini Chronicles 

Image via PWCC

Collectors of modern basketball cards are used to tearing open packs of Panini cards. Baseball card collectors are more familiar with collecting cards from Topps and Bowman. Still, Panini has put out baseball cards in the past and Ronald Acuna actually has a rookie card from the company.

Acuna was included in the 2018 Chronicles set. And unlike some of his Bowman and Topps issues, the card is very affordable. Hobbyists can buy a PSA 10 copy of the Panini card for slightly over $100.

2018 Topps Bat Down Variant 

Image via eBay

For many years, the most sought-after rookie cards came from Topps. That began to change in the early 1990s when Upper Deck was first released and Bowman came back onto the scene. Still, there are plenty of collectors out there who prefer a Topps rookie card to any others.

Acuna's Topps rookie card is an interesting case as there are multiple varieties. One shows the centerfielder with his bat in the air. The other image, from the same at-bat, shows Acuna finishing his swing. The bat down version is the one that has really risen in value. Collectors wanting to buy the card in PSA 10 condition can expect to pay more than $1,000 for the privilege.

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