There was no hotter property than the Sinister Six this week, and the villains for Spider-Man: No Way Home stole the show in this week’s Hottest Comics rankings. Let's take a look at the biggest movers and shakers of the week.

Between Venom: Let There Be Carnage’s big mid-credits scene, and No Way Home’s record-breaking trailer, Spider-Man is at the top of the comic mountain. That interest in all things Spidey has trickled down to his key issues, and buyers were particularly keen on the first appearances of the Green Goblin, the Lizard, and Doctor Octopus. Take a look.

What are the Hottest Comics all about? Sales, my friend. It’s all about the sales, specifically, the sales volume. These rankings are not about which comics have the fastest-growing fair market values. Rather, the focus is on the best-selling single issues curated from eBay’s past sales week.

On that note, let’s look at the five biggest movers and shakers in 1,001 Hottest Comics.

38. AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #14 (+962)

That unmistakable laugh in the No Way Home trailer continues to intrigue audiences. Here we are, over a month since the footage was dropped online, and theorists are still scouring it for clues about the movie and which characters will appear. While we did not see Willem Dafoe as the Green Goblin, we did see a pumpkin bomb and hear the laugh, so it is fairly certain he will be in the film.

As if his first appearance in ASM #14 needed another reason to be hot, a new rumor may be turning up the heat even further. Reportedly, Sony is interested in making a standalone Sinister Six feature film in the near future. If you recall, that was the original plan back in 2014 after Amazing Spider-Man 2 left a trail of breadcrumbs leading to the proposed team-up movie. However, when ASM 2 fell flat at the box office, so too did the plans for the Sinister Six movie. Now that the Six is creating so much excitement ahead of No Way Home, it’s put a premium on the villain keys.

We’re not seeing record highs just yet, but that is the case for most keys. Following the massive surge in FMVs across the board in the spring and summer, things have settled down, but the ASM #14 prices could spike once we see him on the screen. A good barometer for a Silver Age key of this level is in the lower grades. On October 3, a graded 2.5 sold for over $2k. The same day, a 4.0 brought nearly $3k. 

48. PREDATOR #1 (+952)

There’s talk that Marvel’s new Alien series is laying a clear path to the world of the Predator, and that could be why 1989’s Predator #1 from Dark Horse was spiking this week. 

When we will finally see that fabled Marvel reboot for the comics is still unclear. It was initially planned for June, but the publisher canceled that release date without specifying any reasons. The Predator franchise is far too popular and profitable for Marvel to leave out of the mix, and it is hard to imagine an Alien comic without sooner or later incorporating Predator. At the moment, the first Predator comic under the Marvel banner is scheduled for release in November.

Another factor is the new Predator movie that recently finished filming, reportedly titled Skull. The latest movie appears to be steering away from The Predator, which most fans detested. Instead, the upcoming entry is not so much a reboot as it is a prequel. The filmmakers have said the movie will take place hundreds of years ago as the first Yautja lands on Earth and encounters a Native American woman from the Comanche tribe. 

Sales for Predator #1 peaked in May with a record $1,025 for a graded 9.8. Since then, the values have fallen into the $700-$800 range. The most recent transaction saw one sell for $738 on October 1. 

59. AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #6 (+940)

The Sinister Six movie rumor had buyers searching for those classic ASM keys. Under any circumstance, the Silver Age ASM issues are solid investments. Throw into the equation a first appearance from his famed rogue’s gallery, and those are comics that never lose value over the long haul. Sure, they will experience the same ebbs and flows of the market as any other comic, but Spider-Man’s immense popularity keeps the FMVs high. 

In this case, we have the first appearance of the Lizard. Sam Raimi’s trilogy teased him with Dr. Curt Connors in all three films, but we never got to see him make the full turn into the monster. Then came 2012’s Amazing Spider-Man, and we finally had our live-action Lizard. While not everyone was impressed with him, it nonetheless had a lasting impression on Spider-Man fans. 

Just when we thought the Lizard was a thing of the Spider-Man movies past, there is heavy speculation that he will be part of the Sinister Six in No Way Home. There is one moment in the trailer where Peter sees a large, shadowy figure at a window, and many theorists claim that is the same Lizard from the original ASM.

 Like ASM #14, the true gauge of the Lizard’s sudden popularity is in the lower grades. Take a look at the 4.5. On October 3, a graded copy brought a new record $1,850. A day later, a 4.0 sold for $1,457. 

60. X-MEN #12 (+940)

The Juggernaut’s first appearance was a surprise entrant in today’s movers and shakers list. While he will forever remain near and dear to X-fans’ hearts, not much has been said about him in the grand scheme of things. Despite all the happenings in the mutant island nation of Krakoa in the comics, Juggernaut has been relatively quiet about it all.

Where this sudden movement in sales for his first appearance could be coming from is the X-Men’s inevitable arrival in the MCU. While Kevin Feige and the rest of Marvel Studios have said little on the topic, fans are constantly playing the guessing game about characters. Could it be that Cain Marko is at the center of an X-Men MCU theory? Since virtually everyone else has been tossed around, why not?

As it stands, FMVs for X-Men #12 remain a juggernaut in themselves. Over the weekend, a 6.5 earned $1,850, and an October 1 sale saw a 5.0 swap owners for $1,300.

78. AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #3 (+922)

This week’s top-five Hottest Comics were covered in a spiderweb. From the Green Goblin to the Lizard and now the first appearance of Doctor Octopus, it was a Spidey-centric list to be sure. Why wouldn’t it be? With Venom: Let There Be Carnage in the books and the mid-credits scene firmly cementing him in the MCU, all eyes are on No Way Home. Will we see Venom? Keep your fingers crossed.

One character stealing the show in the trailer has been Alfred Molina’s return as Doctor Octopus. The last time we saw him, he was floating at the bottom of the Hudson River. Somehow through the Multiverse, Otto Octavius has been reborn, and Doc Ock is coming to terrorize Spider-Man once again. 

But which Spidey was he talking to in the trailer? When he uttered, “Hello, Peter,” was he talking to the MCU’s Tom Holland Spider-Man...or Tobey Maguire’s version of the character? That’s the big question, and it is fueling speculation for one of the all-time classic issues of Marvel Comics, ASM #3. This past weekend, a 4.0 brought over $3,700. At the same time, a 2.0 sold for more than $2,300.

What did you think of this week's Hottest Comics movers and shakers? Tell us all about it in the comments!

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