Analyzing the Hottest Silver Age Comics of the last 30 dayswe may be beginning to see a trend emerging from some highly-anticipated upcoming DCEU and MCU properties, such as the character Deadman. Many of these on-screen adventures are still quite a ways out, but smart investors are starting to invest in some of the books tied to these upcoming properties.

With the MCU only releasing Deadpool & Wolverine this year (for live-action content) and the James Gunn reboot of the DCEU not yet ready for primetime, collectors are clamoring for content and news about their favorite characters. Several pieces of information over the last couple of weeks have pushed some of the most iconic Silver Age books even higher.

Here are the five biggest risers among Silver Age comics over the last month.

Strange Adventures #205 (+72 Spots)

About three weeks ago, James Gunn may have let some information out that Boston Brand, AKA Deadman, may be on his way to Gunn's version of the DCEU. On his Instagram page, Gunn posted a picture of Deadman from an issue of DC Universe Presents #2, with Deadman coming out of his own mouth over and over. The picture had no caption or details but sent fans into a frenzy over the potential of Deadman or Justice League Dark.

Strange Adventures #205 is the first appearance of Deadman and follows circus performer Boston Brand after he was possessed following a fatal accident. This book has the middle (50th percentile) of its census at around a grade CGC 6.0. That grade was selling for around $467 in the last 90 days but is now up to $525 over the last month.

Fantastic Four #45 (+71)

All of the major Fantastic Four keys have had their time on the hottest list since the announcement of the cast for the MCU film coming in 2025. Most recently, Fantastic Four #48 and #49 have spiked with news of Silver Surfer being cast. Now, however, that popularity and interest are apparently cascading down to even some of the more minor keys in the early run like Fantastic Four #45.

The first appearance of the Inhumans and Black Bolt, among others, FF#45 is still a very desirable book, especially as the future story to be told with the First Family of comics is unknown. The one-year average for FF#45 in a CGC 5.5 grade (the 55th percentile of the census) shows that a one-year average for the book runs at about $205, but the 30-day sales data show a jump up to $252. There are already three recorded sales of that book through eBay and Heritage Auctions.

Captain America #110 (+68)

I love the cover of Captain America #110. Always have and always will. The menacing Hulk, the shocked reactions of Bucky and Captain America. It's a classic and unforgettable Jim Steranko cover. It also represents some of the key elements that have proven, in-production projects ongoing in the MCU or are rumored to be coming in the very near future. We know there will be another Captain America movie in 2025. We know the Thunderbolts, starring Bucky Barnes, are also coming that year. Rumored to be Thunderbolts (it's a poorly-kept secret that Red Hulk will make an appearance in that movie), our beloved green Hulk may be on screen next with this team of misfits.

This book is perhaps one of the most affordable Silver Age keys, which is why it sells so frequently. The three most recent copies of a CGC 9.2 grade in this book all sold between $366 and $405 over the last three months. There are only 160 total universal and signature label books in that grade so it's not like there is some kind of mass proliferation of this book in the market either. For a book that represents so much about what was great about the Silver Age, the value of even high grades is surprisingly low.

Tales of Suspense #39 (+65)

The renewed popularity of Tales of Suspense #39 over the last few weeks can be directly attributed to two things. First. Robert Downey, Jr. was quoted as saying he would "happily" return as Iron Man if the part was right and fit Kevin Feige's vision. Elsewhere, at the most recent Heritage Auction on April 7th, a very rare TOS #39 in a CGC 9.8 grade (only one is known to exist) sold for $840,000, which immediately prompted casual collectors to look into the book.

This book - one of the most popular among collectors - has always been in the upper tier of comic book prices. Those high prices have moved up in the last few weeks as a CGC 4.5 which was selling for just a hair over $10,000 over the last year has been going for $10,895 in the last 30 days.

X-Men #50 (+63)

Perhaps on the back of the very popular X-Men '97 animated show on Disney+, all things mutants are heating up again, especially minor keys that are affordable to most collectors. X-Men #50 is one of those iconic issues that makes it collectible for a number of reasons. First, the memorable cover art of Polaris drawn by Jim Steranko makes this book stand out. Second, it is the first full appearance of Polaris, and third, it is the first time an X-Men book used the famous logo for the mutant team that would last for decades.

This is a book that is very affordable because there are close to 3,000 of them on the CGC census, and the bulk of them exist in the 5.5-8.5 grade range. A CGC 7.5 copy sold for $499 this month after not selling for more than $390 in the four months leading up to April. That's a very reasonable price for a popular Silver Age book that is in the upper third of the grading scale. Add in the fact that Jim Steranko is still very active and giving autographs on his book even at age 85, and you have a recipe for a popular book as we head towards summer.