Since 2012, The Addams Family director Barry Sonnenfeld has apparently been developing a Metal Men live-action feature film. While many believed the project was dead in the water, according to Sonnenfeld, DC’s Metal Men may finally be hitting the big screen! At one point in time, Marvel Studios had a complete reign on the superhero movie market. In recent years, however, DC has been stepping up their game with movies like Shazam!, Wonder Woman, The Suicide Squad, Zack Snyder’s Justice League, and the upcoming The Batman. Could Metal Men be next?


Who Are The Metal Men?

For those of you unaware, the Metal Men are a pretty weird DC super-team who came into existence in the early 1960s, 1962 to be exact. Created by Robert Kanigher and Ross Andru, the Metal Men were introduced as a “last minute” filler for Showcase #37. In the original storyline, the characters (Gold, Iron, Lead, Mercury, Tin, and Platinum) were sentient robots created by scientist Dr. William Magnus, with their superhuman abilities reflecting the traits of their namesake metal. 

As time went by, the Metal Men proved to be rather popular with audiences. A year later, in 1963, they even received their own self-titled series, which lasted until 1969. Over the years, the Metal Men have been rebooted and retconned multiple times, and yet, a feature film debut still eludes the characters… At least for now.

Is DC’s Metal Men Finally Hitting the Big Screen?

DC fans were first introduced to the possibility of a Barry Sonnenfeld-helmed Metal Men movie way back in 2012. Since then, however? We have heard almost nothing. That all changed a few days ago. In an interview with, Sonnenfield remarked, I am developing Metal Men with Warner Bros. We’re actively working on a treatment for that.” As a fan of these weird characters and their even weirder origin story, I, for one, am insanely excited about a live-action movie from Sonnenfeld, someone who excels at making quirky movies about strange families. 

While that is all well and good, I suppose you are wondering what the Metal Men’s debut comic book is looking like on the collecting market? 

Investing in Metal (Men)


Considering the book is rather old, not many copies of Showcase #37 are actually out there. In fact, the last time an 8.0 grade was sold was back in September of last year. The last time before that was December of 2014, just over a year after the movie was originally announced. Since then, however? The comic has been a little MIA. 

Over on, they are currently selling a 6.0 grade for $999 (USD). A grade lower (5.0) is currently selling for $569 (USD), a rather huge difference. However, if you hop onto eBay, of all places, you will actually find a few copies of the book that are significantly cheaper than For example, a 6.0 grade is selling for $737 (USD), while a 7.0 grade is trading at $1,991 (USD). 

Personally speaking, I have no idea what the future has in store for the Metal Men. We have been hearing about this movie since Obama’s presidency. Part of me believes that now that DC appears to have their stuff together, maybe we will actually see the Metal Men on the big screen. If DC were smart, they’d greenlight this project immediately as it has the potential to really rival Marvel’s witty tone of cinema. Let me know what you guys think, I’m genuinely curious. 

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