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5. Superpowers from AIDS

In 1993, the film Philadelphia, about a gay lawyer who was fired after contracting A.I.D.s, made its premiere.  It broke down barriers and is generally considered one of the greatest films ever made.  That same year, Blood Moon Comics published Bloodfire, who's eponymous hero gained superpowers from the A.I.D.s virus.

Yep.  You read that right.  He got his powers from A.I.D.s.

I have not read Bloodfire's 14 comic appearances (I already have plenty of sadness and anger in my life as an Eagles fan), but I am going to guess that Philadelphia tackled its subject just a little bit better.  You would think the inherent absurdity of the idea would be enough to leave it on the ash heap of history, but you would be wrong!  Blood Moon Comics recently announced they are reviving the character, showing just how far publishers are willing to go to avoid new ideas.

4. Dr. Seuss Comics

Holy Moly!

You may have come here looking for Spawn,

but you should know they are making Dr. Seuss comics,

And you can find them at New York Comic Con!!


You can travel there by train, by plane, or by car,

to learn about comics featuring the Grinch, Sam I Am, and more,

And hear from the creators James Kolchalka and Art Baltazar.


Coming up with these rhymes was tougher than I thought it would be,

So I am going to stop right here, with stanza number 3.


3. Investment Opportunity: James Tynion's Dracula

Few things in comics are hotter right now than Skybound and James Tynion IV.  The former is busy launching the highly anticipated Energon Universe, featuring Transformers, G.I. Joe, and more, while the latter has created some of the most popular indie books this century.  So if ever there was a book for investors and speculators to at least consider, it would be Tynion's recently announced four-issue Dracula mini-series that is being produced for Skybound.

The book will be produced in partnership with Universal Studios and is part of a larger plan for a series of comics about classic horror film monsters, which gives this series some intriguing film / TV options as well.

2. Stupid Scarlet Witch Reboot

The most recent volume of Scarlet Witch has been a phenomenal read.  Each issue has done an excellent job of telling its own self-contained story while also building a larger, ongoing narrative.  Recently, it seemed like the book was finally going to dive into that built-up narrative full-force.  So of course Marvel decides now is the right moment to cancel the book and relaunch it as Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver.  

After all, if there was one thing the phenomenally original series anchored by Wanda's perspective needed, it was nobody's favorite Avenger.  The last time Wanda got screwed this hard, it was by her brother in the Ultimate Universe.  Speaking of the Ultimate Universe...

1. Ultimate Spider-Man With Hickman and Checchetto

YES YES, A MILLION TIMES YES!!!  Spider-Man is my favorite character in all of fiction.  Unfortunately, Amazing Spider-Man lately has been, to put it nicely, an unending horror show dumpster fire that makes me long for the class and sophistication of the Clone Saga (okay, its not quite that bad, but still).  Sadly, this is nothing new, as Spidey editorial has long made it their mission to keep Peter as miserable and stagnant as possible in order to preserve the status quo of the Spider-Man brand.

So to have a writer of Jonathan Hickman's caliber crafting a brand new Spider-Man story, unencumbered by decades of continuity and focused instead on crafting an interesting narrative, is truly amazing news.  Add in Marco Checchetto, who is just coming off the longest Daredevil run ever, on interiors and the end result is a comic I cannot wait to pick up.

Recommended Reading: Kelly Thompson's Black Widow

I cannot claim to have read every appearance of Black Widow, but I can say with absolute certainty that no Black Widow story has ever knocked me on my ass more than this one. Over the course of this run, Kelly Thompson tells an absolutely brutal story that adds a level of depth and emotion rarely seen in comic books.

In this effort, she is aided by Elena Casagrande, whose fluid drawings and incredible understanding of visual dynamics tell the story in a way I did not even know comics were capable of.  This series won an Eisner and it is very easy to see why, as every panel leaps off the page and helps to render one of the most beautiful and intense Marvel comics in recent memory.

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