What book to buy if you're watching the supernatural hero field? Well, why not try Marvel Premiere #28, which has all the baddies in one book. It has been hot for the last couple of years. Now? Yep, it is hard to find and expensive. What is the projected course of Marvel Premiere #28 and what level of return can we be looking forward to in the fall?

This Halloween is going to be a special "treat" for both collectors and speculators. Marvel rumors have it that they are supposed to unleash their supernaturally powered superheroes; namely the Legion of Monsters: a group with charter members like Morbius, Ghost Rider, Man-thing, and of course Werewolf by Night. How these potential team-ups and appearances tie in with the Midnight Sons saga is still unclear.

Marvel Premier #28

This Bronze Age key has all the supernatural creepy-crawlies in one tome. This comic book was published in 1976 with the notable artistry of Nick Cardi (quickly becoming one of my favorite artists of that era) and equally remarkable are the writing credits of Bill Mantlo.  Marvel Premiere #28 is the first appearance of Man-Thing, Morbius, Werewolf by Night, and Ghost Rider as one team in the Marvel Universe. In fact, this potential for a supernatural twist at Marvel has led to many of these characters' very first appearances to inflate in value substantially over the years.

Supernatural Speculation

The one thing that truly makes this book extraordinary in value is the rarity in all grades. Essentially, with only 1,046 books available in all grades per CGC Census, this is a very hard book to get your hands on. Furthermore, with a relatively low number in CGC, you can count on some price stability even with a plus +400% upside.

Between October 2020 and March 2022 this book has quintupled in value. I find this jump to be an anomaly and yet all prices in all grades for this book have gone up. "Consistency is not the hobgoblin of small minds!"

Comic Grade Price Current Trend Return 2 years
Marvel Premier #28 9.8 $10,000 +400%
9.2 $750 +286%
6.5 $187 +240%

Anecdotal Evidence

The Legacy of Marvel's Ghost Rider Movie | Den of Geek

During my quest for comics over the last decade; I've only seen a handful of these in LCS stores. At this point, you pay a premium to own it just like most other DC or Marvel horror books.

Movie Monster Mashup

We have the Werewolf by Night movie arriving in theaters in October 2022. This should be a lot of fun and I'm looking forward to it. After all, we have had superheroes in tights for almost 14 years! True fans of Marvel from the 70s know that they offer a lot more than just superhero comic books.

Check out Sam Raimi's latest movie as proof of how good this horror superhero mash-up could get in Multitude of Madness. This version of Doctor Strange is simply off the hook but definitely more horror than the hero.


The plus +400% or so increase in value of Marvel Premiere #28 over the last two years is shocking. However, with only a thousand copies in GCC; the price could be well worth it. The Werewolf by Night movie could start an entire horror genre in the MCU. While this might be interesting, is it sustainable?

The term “trick or treat” comes quite literally from the Halloween ritual of going door to door for candy and if no one answered then it was tee-pee time with your favorite roll of toilet paper on that person's house. Marvel Premiere #28 looks like it's going to turn out to be a "treat" right up until Halloween. After that, it's going to be a speculative frenzy of supernatural proportions to avoid the "trick."

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