Moon Knight is clearly a force in the MCU, at least as far as the fans are concerned. Did the key comics cited in earlier blogs hold their value, or increase? How has the ending of the TV series impacted key comic book prices? The sixth episode was probably one of the best finales in a TV series on Disney+ yet. Everyone I have discussed this episode with loved it, see my anecdotal evidence on fan reaction further on in this blog. 

Throughout the series, Moon Knight was really being teased as a possible aspect of some bloke's dissociative disorder. Was Mark Spector merely a bad dream of some deranged insomniac? This created the opportunity to have abrupt endings to scenes that were simply fascinating. As the viewer, you wondered throughout the series what this led to? Last Wednesday, we got the answer: Episode 6 “Gods and Monsters.” In the words of Khonshu, " (Mark Spector) will be our (Marvel's) Moon---Knight!"

It was simply part horror, part action, part old school Godzilla flick with new superheroes thrown in. All of this simply makes this series original, and something fresh for audiences to cheer for. 

Werewolf by Night #32

Moon Knight's first appearance and origin began in Werewolf by Night #32 in 1975. Horror movies were popular at the time, so why not create an anti-hero that hunts these beasties down?

The character was created by Doug Moench and he became so popular that he eventually received his own comic book. In it, they adjusted his focus to hunting evil supernatural creatures and typical villains like the Midnight Man.

Throughout the TV Series Moon Knight, I have reviewed primary keys, secondary keys, origin stories, and even costume changes to the superhero. Now the TV show is over, how have these comic book keys held up over time? See below:

Comic Grade Price Current Trend Return 1-Year
Werewolf by Night #32 8.5 $4047 -17% Decline
Werewolf by Night #33 8.5 $499 +13%
Werewolf by Night #37 8.5 $192 +47%
Marvel Spotlight #28 8.5 $300 +12%
Moon Knight #1 8.5 $82 -29% Decline
Moon Knight #3 9.8 $550 +120%

EarthSky | What is a full moon?Fan Anecdote

"The Moon Knight: Episode 2 was exciting with more character interaction and combat action. It also greatly advanced the storyline for me. Love the three-way friction between Steven/Marc/Khonshu. 

Along with the added danger-threat for the Layla-layer tossed in to multiply principal characters across the board. ..To have watched as a novice comic-dude, this was an extremely satisfying episode."  -T. Summers


The primary key and first appearance of Moon Knight is in Werewolf by Night #32. It has declined in value, only because it has swung far past a reasonable price. Now, with the series completed, many have made their profits and sold out of this key, hence a decline in value. In time, this key will resume its upward trend.

Moon Knight: Marc Spector ExplainedThe other keys have shown a slight increase in the last year. I believe this is a tell; it is letting us know that many more people are buying into the Moon Knight keys. Finally, consider this; the Moon Knight TV series was originally only planned for six episodes. However, it has become so popular there is rumor about a second season!

Disney and Marvel know a hit when they see one. Finally, with positive fan reactions, the growing value of key comics, and more to come in the future hold onto your keys. To the creators, bravo! You folks really, "shot the Moon on this one!" 

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