With the popularity of #X-Men ‘97 and the VeVe Digital Comics space maturing quickly with Marvel’s move into digital assets, I asked fellow X-Men FAN & digital collector hibiti⭕️n (@Richard_Prins on X) to share our “Best X-Men Titles” for your collection that are available in the VeVe marketplace.

As noted previously, VeVe Comics offers some of the latest, modern titles with same-day-drops from Marvel.  The original VeVe app & desktop version are where you can find 100’s of historical keys, character & story first appearance / editions and some of the biggest grails in comic history, voted on by comic collectors. 

Of course, there are MANY more X-Men (and other) titles to choose from, along with 3D digital assets of key characters, but we will showcase a variety of original + variant covers available, limiting to the following 10 X-Men titles...for the time being!

10. Uncanny X-Men #94

Coming in hot straight out of the gate, this special comic is often overlooked. It’s the very first title Chris Claremont! If that name doesn’t ring a bell, no worries, just follow along and we’ll help you out.  Published August 1975, it’s the first title of the new team continuing from Giant Sized X-Men #1, with second appearances by Colossus, Storm, Nightcrawler & Thunderbird, and Wolverine’s third appearance.  Did you know this book has a GoCollect 9.8 CGC Fair Market Value (FMV) of $34,000 even with over 10,000 copies graded? 

9. House of X / Powers of X

HoX & PoX are two books that become one. Very significant, they ushered the X-Men into a new age: The Age of Krakoa. Powers of X has 4 FA’s, with Rasputin IV being the breakout character.  In HoX, Charles Xavier reveals his masterplan for Mutantkind.  Also, sharp-eyed collectors will note the “Secret Rare” variants for each book are actually part of a 2-page spread, combined by buying both covers!

8. Uncanny X-Men #141

Days of the Future Past, this needs no explanation! Well just in case, it intro;s the Days of Future’s Past timeline, featured in the OG X-Men animated series and the 2014 theatrical release.  Besides being one of the most beloved stories, it introduces 4 new characters: Destiny, Pyro, Avalanche & Rachel Summers.  A 9.9 CGC sold for $11,950 in May 2009, with 9.8’s averaging in the $850 range today. The story concludes of course in Uncanny X-Men #142, with the death of all future X-Men, making the two a great pair in any X-Men fan’s collection!


7. New Mutants #98

FA Ryan Reynolds, The Merc with the Mouth, lover of chimichangas. Mr. Pan has the wit of Spider-Man, healing powers beyond Wolverine’s & had the biggest rise in the superhero genre in the whole new millennium. With Deadpool III expected summer (2024), featuring Wolverine in his original yellow suit, anticipation is building we’ll see other character appearances, which have speculators going wild!  Deadpool, crazy right?

6. Uncanny X-Men #130

Speaking speculation, suppose Swifties see stars!  For non-Taylor fans, our apologies, but the hype with all those “sightings” with Ryan Reynolds & Hugh Jackman, paired with Feige’s love of the character make this book one to hold just in case. We just can’t imagine the pop culture moment if Taylor does Dazzle us…and you have to admit, they do kinda of look alike haha!  It’s also another Chris Claremont script, that's been on a bit of a sale tear lately, with an average 9.8 CGC FMV in the $1500 range.  Click the image below to see a great video review of this great book too!


5. New Mutants #87

The first appearance of Nathan Summers, Cable.  Our favorite time traveler, earth-616 wouldn’t be the same without the father of Hope Summers.  Mr. Sinister’s (who’s FA is also on VeVe in X-Men #221) dirty dream is a crazy powerful mutant who’s held back by his techno organic virus infection (it’s not a metal arm!).


4. Uncanny X-Men #266

It’s Gambit, mon ami!  Remy LeBeau, the Rajin’ Cajun from New Orleans, was catapulted to superstardom by creator Chris Claremont & artist Jim Lee in the 90’s. A mysterious man with intentions as good as his tongue is sweet, often at odds with his past, he is a master thief with a nifty ability to charge objects with explosive energy…his trademark tool being explosive playing cards he can target adversaries with great accuracy.

3. Uncanny X-Men #129

FA’s for Shadowkat (Kitty Pryde) and the White Queen.  This is the start of the Dark Phoenix Saga, one of the most famous X-Men stories, which saw the introduction of two new characters, Katherine Pryde and Emma Frost.  These two are not only the best X-Men, they are the best Superheroes, of all…right?  This might be a good time to take the opportunity to say: Emma and Scott Forever!


2. Uncanny X-Men #1

With so many great titles still to review, this is getting hard to finalize!

The Marvel Age started in 1961 with Fantastic Four #1. In 1963, Jack ‘the King’ Kirby and Stan ‘the Man’ Lee created the X-Men.  It was a great story, full of conflict – on the one hand, Prof. X puts a team together for the betterment of mankind, while conversely, Magneto felt mutants superior to humans.  This BEHEAMOUTH of a book holds 7 First Appearances: Cyclops, Marvel Girl, Angel, Beast, Iceman, Magneto and Professor X.  It became the most popular comic and the #1 superhero franchise in the entire world, while the classic cover book holds a 9.6 CGC FMV over $400,000 – the last 9.8 CGC selling for almost $500,000 USD July 2012. Worth watching a great YouTube video review by Corey of VeVe Digital Collectibles:


1.     GIANT-SIZE X-MEN #1

Pretty sure you all saw this coming, The X-Men enter the Bronze Age, and with it, arguably the most important X-book of them all.  This is what made the X-Men we all know and love today. Never has there been a comic reboot with a greater impact than GSXM and it is filled with first appearances: Storm, Colossus, Nightcrawler, Thunderbird and the living island Krakoa! Plus, in this very issue Wolverine joins the team! This was also the team that led to the original X-Men Animated Series in 1992 which had us SNIKT’D for the brand new X-Men ’97 series & X-Men ’97 #1 Comic Set!!!


So, there you have it X-Fans old & new, our (current) top 10 list of X-Men Titles currently available on VeVe. 
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