Happy Barbenheimer month everyone! While I am excited to see Oppenheimer, I'm over the moon excited for Barbie. For the past few weeks, Barbie collaborations have been hitting the shelves, and each new collection looks better than the last. I am a Barbie girl, living in my own Barbie world, and these are more of my favorite Barbie collab collectibles that are in stores right now.

Superga x Barbie 

If you collect shoes, you've likely heard of Superga. These fashionably casual shoes are out of this world and can be styled in a number of ways. I'm a fan of simple looks, and Superga has that aesthetic corner. Their new Barbie line features four stylish and cute sneakers -- one of which is a platform shoe!

The entire collection is great, but the platform Barbie shoe is the shoe to get. At the time of this writing, the shoe is sold out!

Hot Wheels x Barbie

Hot Wheels is celebrating the new movie with a replica 1958 Corvette Stingray RC, just like the one Barbie drives in the new movie. The car is able to hold two dolls as well as accessories in the trunk. Hot Wheels can be collectible with certain examples selling for thousands of dollars.

The RC models do well depending on the type. It is possible this Barbie RC car will be a sought-after item by next summer. If you're a collector, this is a great item to pick up.

Aqua x Barbie 

Don't underestimate brand labels as a collectible! Aqua's trendy and hip Barbie collection is perfect for a fashionable fan who wants to wear their love of Barbie on their sleeve, without a Barbie logo on it. While the entire line is great, the Heart Crystal Mini crossbody is the It item from the collection.

This bag is great for a night out, or to keep in a collection. This collection is exclusive to Bloomingdales, so if you're not near a physical store you can order online.

Alex and Ani x Barbie

If you're a jewelry fan or have ever visited a Disney Park, you're most likely familiar with Alex and Ani. I've been collecting their Disney items for a few years now, and am genuinely impressed with the brand's commitment to quality.

Certain pieces can go for a few hundred, such as Disney Park exclusive jewelry. While the Barbie line isn't as limited as a theme park drop, this line won't be around forever.

Xbox x Barbie

This is THE item to want out of almost all of the new Barbie drops. Xbox is giving away a very limited edition Barbie Dream House Xbox Series S, alongside Barbie-inspired SCUF controller faceplates, which fans can win on July 10. For further rules or details, check out Xbox on Twitter or the Microsoft Rewards page. I have a feeling demand for the item will be through the roof, so who knows -- we could see the controllers make an appearance at a large retail box store. I'm purely speculating on that last part, but stranger things have happened.

*Any perceived investment advice is that of the freelance blogger and does not represent advice on behalf of GoCollect.