The West Coast Avengers are closer than ever to the land of live-action, and it’s causing a flurry of sales for their key issues. Last year, the West Coast Avengers were the talk of the MCU. First, there was White Vision in WandaVision. Then Hawkeye offered the biggest hint when it introduced Kate’s Aunt Moira. In the comics, she gave the West Coast Avengers the estate that would become their headquarters. There are also theories that Clint Barton’s wife is actually the founding West Coast Avenger, Mockingbird. Moon Knight could offer a clue as well, since he joined the team in 1987.

With Marvel announcing that Wonder Man will star in his own streaming series, it is creating a new round of West Coast speculation beginning with these keys.


After the Beyonder whisked away most of the A-list Avengers for Secret Wars, Vision had to keep the ship afloat. Once Captain America and the crew returned, Vision petitioned to expand the roster thus creating a satellite operation in California. He recruited Hawkeye, Wonder Man, Iron Man (who was actually Rhodey under the helmet), Mockingbird, and Tigra. 

Since November, the 9.8s consistently sold in the $250 range, but June 2 saw the price tag drop to $180. Thursday, a 9.6 sold for $50. At the moment, raw copies are hovering around $20. 


A year after the limited series, Marvel gave the WCA an ongoing title. One of the biggest selling points for this issue had been the premiere of Iron Man’s popular Silver Centurion armor. With the chatter about Wonder Man and the West Coast Avengers in the MCU, it gives collectors a new reason to add this issue to their collections. After Thursday’s news hit the internet, a 9.8 sold for $220. 


When America Chavez was first announced for Multiverse of Madness, the initial speculation was that she would join the long-awaited Young Avengers. However, she could be another member of the WCA. After all, she was part of the 2018 reboot that included both Kate Bishop and Clint Barton. With all three characters having been in the spotlight in the past year, it is reasonable to believe they will be connected in the MCU.

That ups the ante for the 2018 volume West Coast Avengers, a comic that has been overlooked for years. Earlier this year, the 9.8 had been selling for $60-$80 before an April sale netted a record $130. Since then, the price has come back to reality, and the latest sale was for $80 on June 2.

The Terry and Rachel Dodson variant edition could be the real moneymaker. There hasn’t been a graded 9.8 to sell online in 2022, but November saw one bring $200. 


Could it be that Disney+ has been quietly piecing together the West Coast Avengers since the start? While they have never been Marvel’s most popular team in the comics, a lineup of White Vision, both Hawkeyes, Wonder Man, America Chavez, Mockingbird, and Moon Knight would reel in the viewers. That doesn’t mean we won’t see the Young Avengers, but the WCA could precede them into the MCU.

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