Insomniac PS5 Once again, Wolverine is the talk of the comic community thanks to the Insomniac PS5 game trailer, and the beacons have been lit for his holy grail issues.

Fans cannot get enough Wolverine in 2021. All year, there has been rampant gossip about when he will come to the MCU. Will he join the Avengers? Will he get his own anthology series on Disney+? Who will play the pivotal role? It all adds up to a major push for Logan’s key issues, and any news stirs the pot.

Last week, Sony dropped a bombshell on the gaming world. Along with PS5 exclusives Spider-Man 2 and Guardians of the Galaxy, the company’s next-generation console will be the exclusive home for the Insomniac PS5 Wolverine game. The trailer didn’t feature much, but it hinted at a brutal game that will explore Logan’s past.

In today’s market, major video games can earn as much money as a major movie. That means it will be wise for collectors and investors to keep their eyes on those Wolverine holy grails.


Did this comic need another reason to be even more expensive? Regardless, that’s exactly what is going to happen. Like almost all other major keys, prices for most grades of Hulk #181 peaked mid-summer and fell off their fever pace since August. There is so much excitement surrounding the game trailer that it should help some grades bounce back, but I don’t anticipate it having the same impact as his MCU debut will have.

No surprise, the trailer is keeping the sales numbers pumping. On September 12, two complete 8.5s with the Marvel Value Stamps sold for $8,800 and $8,592, respectively. A day later, a blue-label 5.0 sold for a record-high $6k. That was followed by a qualified green-labeled 4.5 that swapped owners for $1,980, which happens to be the lowest sale all year for that specific grade.


Hulk #180 has come into its own in 2021. While the values for the first cameo appearance will likely never challenge those of #181, the FMVs have been reaching new heights practically all year. It is further evidence of Wolverine’s continued popularity as well as the growing respect collectors have for #180.

Of course, much of that could also be contributed to those escalating prices for Hulk #181. The higher those go, the closer looks the #180s get simply due to budget concerns.

We did not see any records broken over the weekend, but that did not deter buyers from scooping up graded issues. On September 12, a 9.0 sold for $3,650 while an 8.5 brought $2,475 the same day.

X-MEN #133

Here is an often-overlooked Wolverine key. X-Men #133 is not the first cover appearance of Wolverine, but it is the first time he is featured on the front art without another major star. In the grand scheme of things, that makes it a minor Logan key, but it has been gaining traction as of late.

Like Hulk #180, much of that comes from the lofty FMVs tacked to the bigger keys. For the collector on a budget, X-Men #133 is a much more affordable prospect.

Since last weekend, raw copies are generally earning between $75-$100. On September 12, a 9.0 directed edition sold for $153, which is fairly consistent with its prices since May.


The claws are out, and there will be no holding back the Wolverine market. Now that a game worthy of Logan is on the horizon, it will only make the eventual MCU announcement that much more impactful. Get ready for more Wolverine than you can handle in the next couple of years.

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