Madame Web has been cast, and the star of her own feature film could be the first of several Spider-Women getting their due on the big screen. Here’s more.

Dakota Johnson has landed the role of Madame Web for the most unlikely of solo stories. When the rumors first began, many fans thought this was another false start from Sony Pictures, the same studio that can’t decide what to do with the proposed Black Cat/Silver Sable movie. Since Johnson’s casting, it casts a new light on those rumored Sony projects. 

Between Sony and Marvel, there are plenty of rumblings surrounding several characters who could be ready to star in their own movies or series. Let’s take a look at four possibilities and their first appearances.



Hardly anyone is talking about it, but Spider-Woman Jessica Drew is coming to the Spider-Verse.

Last June, it was reported that Issa Rae was cast to voice the character in Across the Spider-Verse. With all the major announcements coming from Marvel and Sony since the summer, it’s easy for this to be lost in the shuffle, especially since we didn’t see her in the trailer.

Rest assured, we will get footage of Spider-Woman in the near future, and that will light up her key issues beginning with Marvel Spotlight #32.



We may have gotten our biggest clue yet that Spider-Gwen is on her way to the MCU. Recently, the producers of Across the Spider-Verse confirmed that their animated Multiverse can crossover with the MCU Multiverse.

What does that mean for the future of the franchise? It could very well set the stage for Spider-Gwen to slide into the MCU via a fellow animated series, What If…?. It could also lay the groundwork for her to appear in live-action as well.

The end result will be record-breaking prices for Edge of Spider-Verse #2.



Cindy Moon will be making her star turn on Amazon Prime Video in the near future, and filming for her show reportedly began last year.

For the most part, all has been quiet on the Silk front, but that will soon change, which has inspired a new wave of collecting for her first appearance in the surging ASM #4.

Once we see a trailer or at least a set photo of her in costume, that will have immediate market implications.

If you have been on the fence about investing in Silk’s first appearance, don’t wait much longer.



Collectors have been targeting the first appearance of Mayday Parker for the past year, and for good reason. The alternate-reality daughter of Peter Parker and Mary Jane, Mayday assumes the Spider-mantle from her father.

If that doesn’t sound like a future episode of What If…?, I don’t know what does. Spider-Girl’s origin story would fit in the animated Spider-Verse as well, and she could appear in Across the Spider-Verse.

That is a recipe for a hot key issue if there ever was one.


It has been a long time coming for the women of the Spider-Verse. The Madame Web casting will fuel the speculative fires for other characters with movie potential, so expect to see plenty of Spider-Verse keys getting a bump from the newfound interest. 

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