In the pantheon of Marvel Comics, you won’t find a more interesting pairing than Galactus and his herald of destruction, the Silver Surfer. Despite only appearing in one film (and a fairly lousy one, all things considered), the duo have remained favourites of longtime Marvel fans, with many desperate to see the characters in live-action soon. With the Fantastic Four rights now at Marvel Studios, I believe there is still time to invest in both Galactus and Silver Surfer.

48_GalactusWhy Now?

Now, I understand what you are thinking: “No, duh?” And I would agree with you. Galactus and the Silver Surfer are iconic characters who, if you have thought of becoming an investor in the realm of comic books, you have likely considered investing in them of all characters, right? Yes, there is still time to hop on the Galactus and Silver Surfer train. But, I would do so fairly soon.

Galactus and the Silver Surfer both made their cameo debuts and their full-debuts in Fantastic Four #48 and #49. Both issues happen to feature some of the most striking and iconic comic book cover art, perhaps ever, which does nothing but make the issues all the more valuable. Let’s say you were to invest in a 6.0 grade of Fantastic Four #48, right? Well, the one year average of that was sitting at $2,852 (USD). If you were to look at the 90 day average? Well, it’s jumped up by over a thousand bucks

Let’s now take a look at a 6.0 grade of Fantastic Four #49. The last time one of these books sold was back in August, and the thing sold for $1,680 (USD). The previous 90 day average of the book was sitting at $1,980 (USD). What I am saying here is that these books are constantly fluctuating in good ways. They are still attainable.

There's Still Time To Invest In: Galactus & Silver Surfer48_Galactus

I’ll tell you guys a story. Back in January, a guy on Facebook Marketplace was selling his dad’s copies of Fantastic Four #48, #49, and #50 for $2,225 (USD). These three issues tell a complete Galactus/Silver Surfer narrative. The grades on these books ranged from 6.5 (#48) to 5.5 (#49 & #50). I jumped at this opportunity. Galactus and Silver Surfer's importance in the MCU is inevitable. I knew that these books were going to boom, and they would boom quickly. Just looking at the last sale for a 6.5 grade of Fantastic Four #48 alone shows that if I were to sell today (which I won’t), I’d be making at least $6,000 profit in a little under eight months. 

Now look, Galactus and Silver Surfer will not appear in any Marvel Studios project until at least 2024 (which is when the Fantastic Four reboot is scheduled to release). As such, there is still time. And as the months go by with little to no news on the characters, the books will decline in value. That, my friends, is when you get in. I guarantee, investing in Galactus and Silver Surfer will be one of the best decisions of your investing life.

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