In the past, speculators have focused on movie picks to get the jump on speculative comics. However, in the last few years, the pandemic has changed this dynamic a tad. Though movies like the recent Spider-man epic are stand-alone, many of the top films from last year paled in comparison. Hence, let's try speculating on Moon Knight, Werewolf by Night, and other TV series coming this year.For 2022, we will sift through the detritus of horror comics and prop up the green, gorgeous, gargantuan of the early 80s. I am talking about the first appearance of Moon Knight and first She-Hulk. One fights supernatural evil, and the other is the new femme fatale for Marvel superheroes. Both of these characters are unknown to most of the population. Both superheroes will star in their own TV series in 2022.

TV Series and not Movies in 2022

Disney has been knocking it out of the proverbial ballpark with TV. This year, two TV series jump to the forefront; She-Hulk and Moon Knight. The public at large has no idea or knows little of these characters. However, they will fall in love with She-Hulk and become mesmerized by Moon Knight as Marvel's version of Batman.

Which of these keys is most profitable for these two unlikely heroes? Further, what era of comics should you invest in for a little supernatural speculation?

Regina-born Tatiana Maslany to star as She-Hulk in new Disney Plus Series | CBC News

She-Hulk #1

She is a big, green, savage, fighting machine; of course, this is Jennifer Walters, a.k.a. She-Hulk. She is a distant cousin of Bruce Banner. After an accident, she is "savagely" wounded, and to save her life, Banner transfuses his blood with hers. The result is She-Hulk.

Her first appearance is in Savage She-Hulk #1, and she was the last character Stan Lee created at Marvel.

Moon Knight #1

The other TV series that has lit up the internet is Moon Knight. Essentially, this is Marvel's version of a schizophrenic Batman. At the very worst, it should be hilarious.

Moon Knight, She-Hulk, & other top specs

Marvel is trying for the caped crusader in white. If they get even half of what they want, Marvel will create a whole new genre hero for the fanbase. This will mean the first appearance of Moon Knight in Werewolf by Night #32 will explode in value like it never has before.

I know this book is already hot. But if Marvel pulls off a solid Moon Knight, then expect the importance of this book to go from stratospheric to outer space.

Moon Knight signals the beginning of the supernatural era for Marvel. Expect to see Blade, the Midnight Sons, and probably Werewolf by Night. These characters are all supernatural in origin and fit right in the wheelhouse of Moon Knight. The 70s was a great time for Marvel horror. Bet on Bronze Age books to boost in value as the supernatural era unfolds.

Comic Book Issue Grade   Value Current Return % 1-Year
She-Hulk #1 9.6 $564 +66%
Moon Knight #1 9.8 $1199 +135%
Werewolf by Night #32 9.6 $25200 +144%
Tomb of Dracula #12 9.2 $500 +300%

Moon Knight, She-Hulk, & other top specsConclusion

This year is the year of the supernatural. Marvel will turn 2022 into yet another avenue of success for Marvel fans to devour. In a nutshell, buy horror from the 70s, anything with Moon Knight, Dracula, Werewolf by Night, and Blade. In addition to horror, She-Hulk will reign supreme in all the superhero TV series in 2022. This means that both books will reset their values significantly higher than the present.

In addition, all of their early appearances (non-keys) will increase in value. This is a good way for new investors and collectors to break into the comic book market. In the final analysis, it will be the small screen in your living room and not the large screen at the pandemic multiplex that dictates comic book price action this year. Happy hunting!

My picks for 2022:

She-Hulk #1 - the first appearance of She-Hulk.

Moon Knight #1 - first in his own comic book.

Werewolf By Night #32 -  first appearance of Moon Knight.

The Tomb of Dracula #12 is the second appearance of Blade.

What are your picks? Tell us in the comments!

*Any perceived investment advice is that of the freelance blogger and does not represent investment advice on behalf of GoCollect