Incredible Hulk #182 finally gets its laurels from buyers while Wolverine #88 claws its way up the Hottest Comics ladder.

It's all about those eBay finds.

The Hottest Comics brings you the 100 best-selling comics on the world's most famous auction site. Because of eBay's vast popularity with comic collectors and investors, it sets the standard on the secondary market. Today, let's take a deeper dive into the rankings to see which issues are on the move.


This has been a consistently popular key ever since Hugh Jackman was confirmed for the third Deadpool movie. As the trailers for Deadpool & Wolverine keep rolling along, all those related keys are getting boosts in the rankings. It's pushed the two characters' first meeting back into the spotlight as it gained an impressive 73 positions. Will the momentum carry Wolverine #88 back into the top-10 Hottest Comics? There is always the chance.

30 INCREDIBLE HULK #182 (+58)

It's typical to see Wolverine's first appearance and his first cover appearance on the Hottest Comics. Actually, it would be stranger for Hulk #180 or #181 to fall outside the top-100 best sellers. The issue that has become the consolation prize in the early Logan appearances is Hulk #182. It's his third-overall appearance, and he's only featured in a handful of panels, but it is still part of comics history. Then again, that's not enough to make it a major key, which is why this issue doesn't normally settle into the top 100. Thanks to Deadpool & Wolverine, all three of his early Hulk issues have made this week's list. So take time to enjoy the moment, Hulk #182 collectors. Odds are, it won't last long unless Hammer and Anvil suddenly enter the MCU.


Gone, gone the form of man. Arise the Demon...Etrigan's first appearance. Jack Kirby's famous DC creation enjoyed a spark in the sales department this week. The Demon #1 soared to the 50th spot, and it's likely due to the possibility of Etrigan making it to the DCU. This feels like a perfect James Gunn project, given the demon's propensity for rhymes. Imagine the fun he could have with those limericks.


One of Valiant's first titles has returned to the Hottest Comics. Harbinger #1 will occasionally creep onto the top-sellers list, but it rarely hangs around for an extended stay. At one point, there was talk of a Harbinger movie coming to life, but those talks seemingly died with the failed Bloodshot film. That doesn't mean we'll never see the property make it onto the big or small screen, but it doesn't appear that is in the works. When that finally happens, it will inevitably send this issue high on the eBay rankings.


White Vision's first appearance managed to outrank the original Vision's debut this week after Avengers #57 rolled into 86th place. By no means does that indicate WCA #45 will overshadow Avengers #57 in the grand scheme, but it does reveal the hype surrounding Vision's upcoming Disney Plus series. The last time we saw Marvel's famous super-android, his doppelganger was cured of evil intentions thanks to blowing his mind with the Ship of Theseus paradox. Since Marvel Studios confirmed that Vision Quest is still in development, it's sent ripples through the market for WCA #45.