Werewolf By Night is getting a colorized release in honor of Halloween! Now that we've all seen the trailer, let's do a Value Check-In with some associated keys.

“Werewolf by Night” was originally presented in black and white, inspired by classic horror films of the 1930s and 40s. The colorized version drops on October 20, 2023.

It's been a few days since the trailer for the colorized version of the 2022 series made the rounds on social media - a nice holdover as we await updates about Moon Knight season 2.  Let's look for some before and after stats to see what comics (if any) buyers with an eye for WBN have been hunting for.

Marvel Spotlight #2

Of the 2,373 copies registered on the CGC census, the most frequently auctioned grade is the 7.5, which ranks second to the 7.0 for total number of copies graded (245 vs 252).

In January of 2023, this grade brought in just over $400 at auction. A full year ago, it realized $420 (10/3/22) - both sales through Heritage. (In Jan of 2022, it was bringing in $1,000+, but let's not talk about that right now.) No, let's look at what buyers are doing post-In Color trailer.

We can see the value line heading back up starting a few months into 2023. A look at the average prices broken out by time segments makes the jump even more obvious. (Although that 30-day average is only made up of one sale, so that that HUGE jump with a little salt.)

This grade has sold for $425+ at least 3 times within the past 3 months (eBay). Yes, that $499 sale is definitely a jump, but it's also the most recent sale for the grade (10/7/23, eBay). Where will the next sale land?

Bloodstone #1

If you're looking to add the first appearance of Elsa Bloodstone to your collection, now may be a good time to keep those eyes open for a good deal.

While other related keys are seeing a boost in sales, Bloodstone #1 is still seeing some cooling as the market resets after the COVID boom.

Three months ago, a copy brought in $456 through Heritage. Since then, the title has been slowly meandering its way down the value mountain, and it hasn't turned around yet.

The three most recent sales for the CGC 9.8 have realized  $370 (10/13/23, eBay), $355 (10/8/23, eBay,) and $310 (9/25/23, eBay) and the grade has not seen a $400+ sale since August.

If you're still priced out of the 9.8, the 9.6 is a nice alternative. But unlike the 9.8, it's actually seeing a slight increase in sales value. Over the past 30 days, the average price has climbed to $223 from $184.

Werewolf by Night #1

This Mike Ploog icon needs no introduction, and interest in ownership far surpasses interest in a TV show alone. We're looking at the grade with the highest number of copies on the census, the CGC 7.0. While many mid-grades have a close census count and appear at auction frequently, this one edges out the competition.

This grade has been holding relatively steady over the last several months when it comes to averages, but individual sales are all over the place.

Just look at that 30-day average - less than ten dollars between the two. In June 0f 2023,  a copy sold on eBay for $300. Two months later, the same grade sold for half that price. Immediately following that $150 sale, the book sold for $200. Two weeks after a $175 sale, the 7.5 sold for $254. (All sales through eBay.)

These books are falling anywhere between $150 and $300+ at this point - we'll have to wait to see which direction that sales average decides to go.

Savage Tales #1

John Buscema's Savage Tales #1 cannot be left off a list of keys from the Werewolf By Night series. This book stands apart from others because it is not, in fact, a comic - it's a magazine, as well as the origin and first appearance of Man-Thing.

So how is the magazine doing?

There are 886 copies registered on the CGC census. Of those, (84) are listed as 8.0s. It should come as little surprise that his book only appears infrequently at auction.

A year ago, this grade sold for $840 through Heritage (10/17/22). In its most recent sale, it brought in $831 (8/27/23, eBay). Aside from one outlier that crossed the block at eBay for $666, all other sales within that year have fallen within $75 of the average price. For now, at least, sellers are holding steady to their price points.

Given how many other books have been in a freefall, it's a testament to fan devotion to this mag.

What do you think? Are you watching Werewolf By Night In Color? Let us know in the comments!

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