It's been another busy week in the world of video game auctions. This week, we're looking at upcoming auctions at Heritage and ComicConnect, plus results from last week's auctions. Get comfy; it's time for this week's video game auction roundup! 

2021 Nov 9 Video Games and Trading Card Games Auction #312145

Heritage's latest weekly video game auction closed on Tuesday. Here's a look at the entries that drew the most interest this week, even if they weren't the high-dollar top-placers.

Bidders showed plenty of interest in a sealed, WATA graded 8.5 A+ copy of Gran Turismo with a Sony Security Label. This game was produced by Kazunori Yamauchi for the PS1 in the USA, 1998. GT has been dubbed a best-selling PlayStation game, with over 10.9 million copies sold.

GT achieved great renown for its realistic driving simulation and advanced graphics. It won Best Simulation of 1999 at the Spotlight Awards, and won "Best Driving Game" and "Best Graphics" of 1999, according to the staff of PlayStation Official Magazine

A 9.0 B+ sold on Sep 27, 2021 for $1,033 through eBay. This copy sold for $1,200.00

There was also plenty of interest directed at a WATA graded 9.8 A++ sealed copy of Perfect Dark. This first-person shooter was designed for the Nintendo 64 by Rare studios in 2000 in the United States.

Designers credited on the game include Duncan Botwood and David Doak, it features music composed by Grant Kirkhope and Graeme Norgate, and it was directed by Martin Hollis, known for his work on Goldeneye 007.

Identically-graded copies of this game sold on Jun 8, 2021 for $1,080 and on May 3, 2020 for $600, both through Heritage. Wata notes, "From sealed factory 6-pack."

This game realized $1,200, setting a new record at auction for 9.8s.

The last one I'll mention from this collection is a WATA graded 8.5 CIB [Rev-A, Round SOQ, Mid-Production] copy of Excitebike, released in 1985 in the USA.

This video game was produced for the Nintendo Entertainment System. Its black box Nintendo NES launch title was designed by Shigeru Miyamoto with music by Akito Nakatsuka.

Though sealed instead of CIB, otherwise identically-graded games have sold for $2,220 (Oct 6, 2019) and $1,140 (Jan 13, 2019), both through Heritage.

Check out all the results from this auction HERE.

Current and Upcoming Video Game Auctions

Event Auction #48 Preview at ComicConnect

ComicConnect has 200+ graded video games getting ready to hit the auction block in Session 5 of their Event Auction #48. While bidding doesn't open for over a week, you can preview the list of offerings now.

Up for bids is a WATA graded 9.6 Dr. Mario in Near Mint+ condition.

This entry has an A+ Seal Rating, First-Party H-Seam, was made in Japan, has no rating, and has a 3 Line Warranty Box. The cover artist is Larry Jost, the music is composed by Hirokazu Tanaka, and it was designed by Takahiro Harada.

Produced by Gumpei Yokoi, this is the first game in the "Dr. Mario" series.

A Wata 9.4 sold on Oct 14, 2021 for $1,440.00 through Heritage. As far as 9.6s go, a 9.6 A sold on Sep 13, 2020 for $1,320.00 and a 9.6 A+ sold on May 18, 2021 for $1,320.00, both also through Heritage.

Another one worth a watch is a WATA graded 9.4 Mortal Combat (Sega CD) in Near Mint condition.

This copy has been given a C+ Seal Rating and has a First-party RTB Seam. It was made in the  USA. This is a port of the 1992 Midway arcade game and unlike other ports there is no code required to access uncensored content in this game, which is why it's received an MA-17 rating.  It also features a video intro of the Mortal Monday commercial.

While this port was technologically inferior to the better-looking SNES port and had loading times, it resembled the arcade version more faithfully in actual gameplay.

A 9.4 sold for $720 in May 2020 and a pair of 9.6s sold for $1,500.00 in November 2020 and $720 in June 2020, all three selling through Heritage.

One more worth taking a look at is a WATA graded 8.0 Mission Impossible in Very Fine condition.

This game has an A Seal Rating, First-party H-Seam, Rev-A, Oval SOQ R(USA Code), and is a 3 Screw cart. The cover artist is Tom Dubois, known for his work on the TMNT and Castlevania video games.

Based on the 1988 TV series, the game received praise for the large game levels and for creating a faithful rendition of the tv score, although it received criticism for its less-than-bright colors.

An 8.0 game just sold on Sep 20, 2021 for $242.50.

Online bidding in this auction begins on November 22.  Check out all the entries HERE.

2021 November 16 Tuesday Video Games and Trading Card Games Auction #312146

Always fun to watch, this auction offers a WATA graded 9.4 A+ copy of Conker's Bad Fur Day - N64 Rareware 2001 USA.

Conker’s Bad Fur Day was released in North America on March 5, 2001. Though originally designed as a family-friendly game, after testing poorly in focus groups it was transformed into a game designed for mature audiences and features graphic violence, alcohol and tobacco use, profanity, vulgar humor, and pop culture references.

It was not a commercial success, selling only about 55,000 copies within its first thirty days of availability.  As of February 2020, (and after developing a solid cult following,) Conker’s Bad Fur Day is the fourth-rarest Nintendo 64 title, with copies selling on bidding sites for around $500 to $700. Its value is affected by the game’s unusual genre, poor initial sales, and being released near the end of the Nintendo 64’s lifespan.

9.4s sold on Nov 1, 2021 for $4,680.00 through Heritage and for $3,968.40 through eBay on July 16, 2021. The current high bid on this copy is $460.

 a WATA graded 9.4 A+, sealed copy of  Super Mario Land - [Yellow Screenshots, Large Warranty, Mid-Production], created for GameBoy Nintendo in 1989 in the  USA. 

In a list of firsts in the Mario world, this game gives us the first appearance of Princess Daisy, the first Mario game made without Shigeru Miyamoto, and the first Mario game for a portable handheld system. T

he game was produced by Gunpei Yokoi and features cover art by Yoichi Kotabe. It is the fourth best-selling Game Boy game, with over 18 million copies sold.

This game has a current high bid of $625.

One more to wrap us up, there's a WATA graded 9.6 A++, sealed copy of The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap - GBA Nintendo 2004 USA. According to Heritage, "This copy of The Minish Cap is a true gem and survivor. No Zelda collection is complete without this underrated entry for the Game Boy Advance.

The game is the twelfth installment in The Legend of Zelda series, and the third game in the franchise to be released on the Game Boy Advance portable handheld system. It expands on the story of Four Swords Adventures as a prequel."

This copy has a current high bid of $500.

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