The critically acclaimed X-Men '97 continues to drive sales volume in the comic book market. Episode #4 puts a spotlight on Mojo, one of the most unusual (and imaginative) villains the X-Men have ever faced. One of the "spineless ones" (he literally doesn't have a spine), Mojo rules the planet Mojo World in the Mojoverse where he believes the X-Men star in a reality TV show that he produces.

Is it worth investing in any Mojo-related key issues now that he's appeared in the MCU?

The 1st Appearance of Mojo is selling close to its all-time lows.

GoCollect's sales data on Longshot #3 shows that the first appearance of Mojo is selling near its six-year low. Like many comics, this book experienced a spike during the so-called comic boom of 2020-21 reaching an all-time high of $172.30 in June of 2021 for a CGC 9.6 (the most common grade on the CGC Census). And like most comics, its value plunged when the comic bubble popped in 2022. Just five months ago, a CGC 9.6 fell to a six-year low of $32 in November 2023. In other words, it lost over 80% of its value in less than two years!

This is just my opinion, but I think this book has over-corrected. Its value during the comic boom are definitely over-inflated and I highly doubt this book will ever reach its all-time high again; however, it should be selling for, at a minimum, what it sold for just prior to the comic boom in late 2019. In late 2019, a 9.6 sold in the $70 to $80 range.

Although a CGC 9.6 has recovered a bit of its value since November, it's still only selling for around $45. The first recorded sale of a 9.6 way back in December 2014 was only for $49.95. In my opinion, if you can purchase a 9.6 for $45 or less, I personally think you're getting a pretty good deal. $45 would barely cover the costs of shipping the comic to CGC and having it graded.

Longshot #1 has steadily fallen in value over the past two years, but is still above pre-pandemic levels.

Although Longshot doesn't appear in the fourth episode of X-Men '97 (other than as a doll in Jubilee's room), you can't talk about Mojo without discussing Longshot. Longshot, one of Mojo's former slaves, and for a time, a member of the X-Men, has achieved somewhat of a cult favorite status among X-Men fans.

When you review GoCollect's sale history for Longshot #1, which contains his first appearance, you can see that the value of this issue has followed the general trend of dramatically spiking in value in 2020-21, reaching an all-time high of $651.75 in July 2021, and then gradually losing most of the gains before appearing to level off in 2024.

According to GoCollect, the FMV of a 9.8 is $240 today which is a far cry from its all-time high, but is still above it's pre-pandemic value of $185. This issue may have a bit further to fall.

Would you invest in either in the first appearance of Mojo or Longshot at these price points? Please let us know what your opinions are in the comments section below!