Category: Comic Collecting 101

by Joseph Overaitis | April 4, 2024

Many times professional lives blend in with one's hobby. Attorneys experience this all the time. The following are some ways that a career in law has intersected issues encountered during decades spent in the hobby.

by Chris Severs | March 31, 2024

This article explains Marvel’s FULL-ON SHIFT into digital comic collecting & ownership, what this new change means, and how the digital comic collecting space relates to, and enhances our traditional, physical collections

by chubellcomics | March 31, 2024

It's been a year since Part 1, which means all the Disney-Marvel variant covers have been released, and Mickey Mouse is in the public domain.

by Joseph Overaitis | March 27, 2024

Collectors buy what they like. Investors purchase what will make them money. Neither wants to overpay.

by chubellcomics | March 26, 2024

With all the Wolverine hype and with GoCollect starting to track foreign comic sales, what better time for the return of the Completionist Collectors’ series? 

by Matt Tuck | March 11, 2024

Like an ‘80s fashion trend, the Hottest Comics always come back around.

by Don | March 6, 2024

James Gunn posted on Threads a few days ago that the Man of Steel recently celebrated his birthday on February 29th!

by Cassaundra Thomas | October 27, 2023

Comic collecting and trading card collecting are two fascinating hobbies that have captured the hearts of collectors for decades. While they may seem worlds apart, they share more in common than you might think. In this blog, we'll delve into the nuances...

by Joseph Overaitis | October 24, 2023

Every profession has continuing education or improvement seminars. Processes and equipment evolve over time, and those that do not evolve are stuck in an era where they cannot compete. Comic book hobbyists should always be reviewing their actions to see if there is room to improve.  They...

by YourCousinMarvinBerry | October 18, 2023

[embed][/embed] Welcome to our new GoCollect 101 video series, where we provide tips and tricks on how to use GoCollect to maximize your collecting potential! In our first installment, we're covering the basics of Lists and Trackers! Whether you want an extremely detailed collection or something to simply track...