Category: Key Issues

by Don | March 19, 2024

Ever since 2019 when Disney acquired 20th Century Fox, we have been waiting for the day when the X-Men would join the MCU. Five long years later, on March 20, they are finally going to appear in their own animated show on Disney+: X-Men '97.

by Matt Tuck | March 16, 2024

Wolverine #1 took center stage in the 10-day category, but the newsstand edition experienced quite the fall. Meanwhile, two Star Wars keys are colder than a mother-in-law's kiss. 

by Wymon Stanlick | March 13, 2024

There is an unavoidable rise in the number of Marilyn Monroe collectibles passing through the data we accumulate here at GoCollect. Most suitably to us is her commanding presence in the world of magazines.

by Matt Tuck | March 11, 2024

Like an ‘80s fashion trend, the Hottest Comics always come back around.

by Don | March 6, 2024

James Gunn posted on Threads a few days ago that the Man of Steel recently celebrated his birthday on February 29th!

by Doug Ohlandt | October 29, 2023

It’s October, and that means we here at GoCollect are turning our attention to horror comics and magazines. We’re going to take a look at the Marvel Horror Group line of magazines to see which ones may be worth adding to your collection. Marvel Monster...

by Matt Tuck | October 28, 2023

Those Spider-Man keys continued to light up eBay, but Invincible #1 and a Knights of the Old Republic key moved into the picture this week. What comics are gaining traction on eBay? Here at the...

by Matt Tuck | October 26, 2023

You might say eBay customers were hushed when it came to Batman #609, and it ranked as the biggest loser in this week's Hottest Comics. What is this blog all about? Using GoCollect's handy market watch tools, you...

by Joseph Overaitis | October 26, 2023

Attorneys love to conduct research.  Research produces evidence.  Evidence is what can make or break a case.  Recently, a sale came across that makes it seem that the market may not have hit bottom yet. Different strokes for different folks Not all auction...

by YourCousinMarvinBerry | October 25, 2023

[embed][/embed] Welcome to another Week in Comic Speculation! In honor of the Halloween season, we're looking at recent sales (and some interesting facts) for some of the most renowned Pre-Code Horror artists. And we're not just touching on two or three books - we talk about the market for...