No, the Fantastic Four’s life on the big screen has not been the best; Marvel Studios are working on a reboot in the near future. As of right now, Jon Watts, director of the Marvel Studios/Sony Pictures Spider-Man trilogy will spearhead the project with an abundance of A-list talent being considered for the main four roles. Today, we are not talking about Marvel’s First Family. Rather, one of their most iconic adversaries and later allies! Of course, we are talking about the Silver Surfer, a character whose MCU debut may see sooner rather than later…

Warning, this article may contain spoilers for Marvel Studios’ Fantastic Four.

Surfer_80sI don’t need to explain who the Silver Surfer is to any of you. In short, he first appeared in Fantastic Four #48. The comic has been breaking all kinds of records over the last 12 months; it kicked off the first-ever Galactus storyline in Marvel comics. The rest is history.

Since his debut, the Silver Surfer has become one of the most beloved Marvel heroes, with the character’s popularity so high in the 70s/80s that he nearly had a feature film made in 1989 (with a score by Paul McCartney, mind you), well before the Avengers or Spider-Man franchises were even a possibility. 

Silver Surfer has only appeared in one live-action movie, so far. Of course, that was 2007’s kinda underrated, Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer. While that movie (and franchise, as a whole) had its fair share of problems, Laurence Fishburne’s performance as Silver Surfer - who looked like he was ripped from the comic book pages - was certainly not one of them. 

MCU: Will Silver Surfer Debut Sooner Rather Than Later?

Silver_Surfer_MCU_debuitMarvel Studios are certainly aware of the character’s popularity, and the intense cinematic potential he could bring to the table. In fact, it has been widely reported that Academy Award winner, Adam McKay (who co-wrote Ant-Man back in 2015) would “love” to write and direct a Silver Surfer movie for Marvel Studios. 

According to a new rumour on Twitter from a fairly reliable source, Marvel Studios will introduce Silver Surfer in the first Fantastic Four movie, with the intention to build up Galactus for the third film, before the purple giant appears in a future Avengers film. 

Possible Spin-off?

That is fairly soon, by the way. Marvel Studios are clearly keen to introduce their iteration of the Silver Surfer to the mainstream audience, perhaps with the intention of giving the character his own spin-off movie - maybe with Don’t Look Up’s McKay in the director’s seat?

Personally speaking, I believe this rumour with my heart. Silver Surfer is certainly a character we are desperate to see on the big screen again, and Marvel know that. Let me know, are you guys going to scour out any and all copies of Fantastic Four #48 and Silver Surfer #1 you can before the first Fantastic Four movie? I’ll let you in on a little secret: I certainly am.

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