The long-awaited Moon Knight TV series made its debut on Disney+ on Wednesday, March 30.  After much hype, conjecture, and speculation, as well as a craving for something new from the MCU – it’s been three months, for crying out loud – on the part of comic book collectors and investors, let’s take a look at the reaction by the market and see which books moved up and which moved down after Moon Knight episode 1.

Record-Breaking Sale

Right off the bat, the March 30 eBay sale of a 9.8 Werewolf by Night #32 sale has to be mentioned.  Even figuring a generous 15% reduction of the $90K asking price puts us at $76,500, well above the March 19 $70,500 sale of a 9.8 in a ComicConnect auction.  My guess is that March 30 sale was somewhere between $80K and $85K.

Just think about this:  two years ago a 9.8 copy sold in a Heritage auction for $31,200.  So, in two years, this book has risen an astonishing 164% in value.  This puts Werewolf By Night #32 in rarefied air as one of THE blue chip bronze age books, in the neighborhood of Incredible Hulk #181 and well above Giant-Size X-Men #1, Amazing Spider-Man #129, and Tomb of Dracula #10.

First Solo Story

While not record-setting, sales of Marvel Spotlight #28 – Moon Knight’s first solo appearance – were brisk on Wednesday and Thursday of last week, with many raw copies being sold and a few higher-graded copies.  A 9.2 copy sold on eBay for $639 on Wednesday, higher than the 30-day, 60-day, and 1-year averages.  Another 9.2 copy sold on Thursday on eBay for a slightly lower $612, still above the averages.

The big winner was a 9.4 sale on eBay for $800 on Thursday, again above the 30-day, 60-day, and 1-year averages.  None of these are peak high sales for this book; the peak was Fall of 2021. Still, they’re above-average sales, showing a bump from the premier of the show.

Moon Knight #1

If sales of Marvel Spotlight #28 were brisk, sales of high-grade copies of Moon Knight #1 were a sprint.  No fewer than 17 copies graded 9.4 and higher were sold on Wednesday and Thursday.  And what a difference a day can make.  Looking at the numbers, we see the average sale for a 9.8 copy on 3/30 was $697.50.  On 3/31?  $895.  9.6 average on Wednesday - $275; on Thursday - $391.  9.4 average on Wednesday - $218.75; on Thursday - $243.

The 9.8 sale on Thursday was a 28% bump from the day prior, a fantastic ROI in just one day.  Peak prices for Moon Knight #1 occurred in late Summer and early Fall 2021.  However, the Thursday bump for this book was at or above the 30-day, 90-day, and 1-year averages, particularly in the 9.6 and 9.4 grades.

Other Key Issues

Arthur Harrow, the villain of the Moon Knight TV series, made his first appearance in Moon Knight: Fist of Khonshu #2.  There were a few high-grade sales on March 30, but they were all at or below the average sales price.  A 9.8 copy of Moon Knight (2014 series) #1 sold for a slashed $400 on Thursday, below the price that it fetched earlier in the month.

There were no graded sales of Secret Avengers #19, the first appearance of Moon Knight in his Mr. Knight guise.  The same could be said for Mystic Arcana: Magik #1, the first appearance of Ammut, the Egyptian devourer of the dead, in the Marvel Universe.  Keep an eye on the latter, however, as there are only eight copies in the CGC census.  Should this be a book worth speculation, sending a copy in for grading should be highly considered.

While none of these keys saw any real bump from the premier of the series, there was one big winner - a signature series 9.8 copy of Werewolf by Night #28 (Facsimile Edition), signed by Doug Moench and Al Milgrom, sold for a jaw-dropping $395 on April 1, and then another copy with the same two signatures sold on April 2 for $300.

Did you watch Moon Knight episode 1?  Are you buying or selling Moon Knight keys?  Do you think these keys will retain their value?  Let us know below.

*Any perceived investment advice is that of the freelance blogger and does not reflect investment advice on behalf of GoCollect.