Below, we'll discuss two characters, Red Dagger and the Inventor, that will appear or are rumored to appear in Ms. Marvel. In my opinion, both of their first appearances remain highly affordable on eBay and present little investment risk.

We all know Ms. Marvel is coming to Disney+ late in 2021. Not surprisingly, her various first appearances in Captain Marvel, Marvel Point One, and in her own monthly series have risen dramatically in value. Many collectors, however, have overlooked secondary characters that will likely appear in her Disney+ series. Those secondary characters can present investors with good investment opportunities. For example, consider how much Agatha Harkness's first appearance spiked in value after she appeared in WandaVision. Or how much Isaiah Bradley's first appearance in Truth: Red, White & Black #1 has risen in value since he appeared on The Falcon & The Winter Soldier.

Ms. Marvel #12: 1st Appearance of Red Dagger

Ms. Marvel #12 includes the first appearance of Red Dagger, aka Kareem, a costumed vigilante. Like Kamala, Kareem is also Pakistani-American and a potential love interest for her.

Although still affordable, this book's value has risen rapidly in value, likely because Marvel has confirmed that Red Dagger will appear in the show. For example, during the past three years, the value of a CGC 9.8 has risen by nearly 43%. Although GoCollect states Ms. Marvel #12's FMV is $70, on March 24, a buyer purchased a 9.8 on eBay for $110.

Fortunately, you can still purchase raw, high-grade copies on eBay for around $15. Considering that Red Dagger will certainly appear, this book probably hasn't reached its ceiling. It could be a good one to purchase raw, send to CGC to get slabbed, and hope for a 9.8. If you receive a 9.8, you might get a 1000% return. For $15, that's a pretty low-risk investment.

Ms. Marvel #6: 1st Full Appearance of the Inventor

Ms. Marvel #6 includes the first appearance of the Inventor, a bizarre cross between a human and a bird. In this issue, Kamala teams up with a weakened Wolverine to fight the Inventor. Unlike Red Dagger, Marvel has not yet confirmed that the Inventor will appear in the series. That said, many have speculated that he will appear as the primary villain in the Disney+ series.

Few collectors have paid any attention to the Inventor's first appearance. According to the CGC Census, collectors have submitted only seven copies of this book to CGC. Accordingly, very little sales data exists on GoCollect. On eBay, raw, high-grade copies have sold for around $9 to $12. Considering that Marvel hasn't confirmed that the Inventor will appear in Ms. Marvel, this book represents a higher risk than Red Dagger's first appearance. That said, this book doesn't cost much more than cover price, it includes a first appearance, and will probably triple in value or more if the Inventor does appear.

What do you think? Would you invest in the first appearances of Red Dagger and the Inventors at their current price points? Tell us your opinions in the comments below!

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