In terms of Rogue's key issues, we all know about Avengers Annual #10, which features her first appearance. That book's value has exploded, rising over 114% over the past three years. Most Rogue fans also have Uncanny X-Men #158 and #171 on their radars. In UXM #158, Rogue appears in the UXM title for the first time. In UXM #171, Rogue joins the team for the first time.

Nonetheless, she has still has some key issues that many collectors have overlooked, including a pivotal moment where she meets Rom. We'll discuss a few of those issues below.

Although Rogue began her story in the comics as a villain, she has, over the years, become one of the most popular X-Men. According to Ranker's "The Best X-Men Characters Of All Time," Rogue is ranked the 11th best X-Man of all time, just before Cyclops and just after Colossus. That's pretty impressive company (not surprisingly, fans ranked Wolverine first).

Many have speculated that we'll see Rogue appear for the first time as the villain in Captain Marvel 2. It makes sense that she would cross paths with Captain Marvel since Rogue steals Carol's powers, (and psyche,) permanently changing the trajectories of their lives. What do you think is in store?

Rom #31 and #32: 2nd and 4th Appearances of Rogue

Some collectors would be surprised to learn that Rogue partially owes her transformation from villain to hero to Rom the Spaceknight. In an attempt to steal Rom's powers, Rogue learns about Rom's fundamental goodness. Having never had a positive role model in her life before, she is startled to learn how much she admires his character. Her shared moment with Rom amounts to an epiphany for Rogue and partially explains why she later chooses to become a hero.

This storyline between Rogue and Rom occurs in Rom #31 and Rom #32. Rom #31 is also important because it, along with UXM #158, contains Rogue's second appearance (Marvel released Rom #31 and UXM #158 on the same day).

Surprisingly, in contrast to Avengers Annual #10, CGC 9.8 copies of Rom #31 have decreased by 19% during the past three years. Furthermore, according to the CGC Census, CGC has graded only 57 copies of Rom #31, making them exceedingly rare.  You can purchase raw, high-grade copies of this book on eBay for around $15 to $20.

As for Rom #32, very little sales data exists. According to the CGC Census, CGC has graded only 22 copies of this issue. Nonetheless, CGC 9.8 copies have also decreased in value over the past three years. You can purchase raw, high-grade copies of this book on eBay for around $5 to $10.

Although I doubt we'll see Rom in the MCU, if you'll probably want these two books, especially at these great prices.

Marvel Super-Heroes #11: The Story of Rogue's First Encounter with Carol Danvers

One last overlooked Rogue key to consider is Marvel Super-Heroes #11. Avengers Annual #10 begins moments after Rogue's first encounter with Carol; we never actually witness that notorious moment where Rogue steals Carol's powers. Eleven years after Avengers Annual #10, Marvel finally tells us that story in MSH #11. Like the Rom books discussed above, few graded copies of this book exist. You can purchase raw, high-grade copies of this book for only $30 to $40 on eBay.

Do you know of other overlooked Rogue keys? If so, please mention them in the comments section below!

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