Author: Matt Tuck

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by Matt Tuck | April 15, 2024

X-Men '97 rocked its fandom with the tragic destruction of Genosha, and the main suspect in the attack will have you on the hunt for New X-Men #114.

by Matt Tuck | April 14, 2024

Silver Surfer #1 set the pace on the Hottest Comics while the independent comic scene was well represented further down the ranks.

by Matt Tuck | April 12, 2024

Sony's questionable decisions landed some old favorites among eBay's most undesirables.

by Matt Tuck | April 7, 2024

Mister Sinister and the Goblin Queen caused ripples across eBay while Shalla-Bal's first appearance gained momentum thanks to the latest Marvel news. 

by Matt Tuck | April 6, 2024

Sabretooth took a swipe at eBay, with Iron Fist #14 clawing its way to the top of the sales charts.

by Matt Tuck | April 6, 2024

It's time to get to know the MCU's Silver Surfer and get your Shalla-Bal key issue shopping list.

by Matt Tuck | April 4, 2024

The latest signs point to Nightwing coming to the silver screen, but could his potential arrival lead to something even bigger for the Bat-Family?

by Matt Tuck | April 3, 2024

One way or another, the Phoenix will return in X-Men '97, and that could lead to the oft-overlooked Rachel Summers getting her just due.

by Matt Tuck | March 30, 2024

James Gunn had collectors thinking Deadman after his recent social media post while Apocalypse felt the X-Men '97 love. 

by Matt Tuck | March 29, 2024

After a red hot 2023, Spider-Man #7 has been ice cold for the past month, but at least Spider-Boy's first appearance had good company in this week's Coldest Comics.