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by Matt Tuck | April 15, 2024

X-Men '97 rocked its fandom with the tragic destruction of Genosha, and the main suspect in the attack will have you on the hunt for New X-Men #114.

by Matt Tuck | April 14, 2024

Silver Surfer #1 set the pace on the Hottest Comics while the independent comic scene was well represented further down the ranks.

by Don | April 14, 2024

Most comic book investors generally believe that storylines alone -- no matter how popular they are -- are generally not worth investing in. We'll put that general rule to the test with X-Men '97's adaptation of Chris Claremont's "Lifedeath" storyline.

by Ryan Kirksey | April 13, 2024

Analyzing the Hottest Silver Age Comics of the last 30 days, we may be beginning to see a trend emerging from some highly-anticipated upcoming DCEU and MCU properties, such as Deadman. Many of these on-screen adventures are still quite a ways out, but smart investors are starting to invest in some of the books...

by Matt Tuck | April 12, 2024

Sony's questionable decisions landed some old favorites among eBay's most undesirables.

by Wymon Stanlick | April 11, 2024

WhatnotCon is the world’s largest virtual comic convention, powered by live shopping app Whatnot. GoCollect subscribers can use code WCON20 and get $20 to spend on thousands of comics, collectibles, and more from over 1,500 vendors!

by Doug Ohlandt | April 10, 2024

 In 1955, to get around the newly created Comics Code Authority, EC Comics shifted their comic Mad to a magazine format. The irreverent magazine that threw tomatoes at just about everything would remain in publication for more than 60 years. Let’s take a look at the key issues of Mad in the magazine format that...

by Don | April 8, 2024

The critically acclaimed X-Men '97 continues to drive sales volume in the comic book market. Episode #4 puts a spotlight on Mojo, one of the most unusual (and imaginative) villains the X-Men have ever faced.

by Doug Ohlandt | April 8, 2024

One area of focus in comic collecting that has been overlooked since other forms of media began to have such a great influence on the hobby is that of hunting down key comics by top creators. This time we’re looking at the works of Dave Stevens.

by Matt Tuck | April 7, 2024

Mister Sinister and the Goblin Queen caused ripples across eBay while Shalla-Bal's first appearance gained momentum thanks to the latest Marvel news.