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by Don | March 30, 2024

Disney has a hit on its hands with X-Men '97! The first three episodes of the show have received a rare 100% from critics and a 93% audience score. The first episode drops a hint that the New Mutants may appear in the show in the future...

by Matt Tuck | March 30, 2024

James Gunn had collectors thinking Deadman after his recent social media post while Apocalypse felt the X-Men '97 love. 

by Matt Tuck | March 29, 2024

After a red hot 2023, Spider-Man #7 has been ice cold for the past month, but at least Spider-Boy's first appearance had good company in this week's Coldest Comics. 

by Don | March 29, 2024

It may be time to hear the roar, again, because the ThunderCats are loose!

by Matt Tuck | March 29, 2024

At long last, the Teen Titans are getting their own movie, and that has serious investment implications.

by Don | March 28, 2024

Disney is banking on Deadpool & Wolverine righting the MCU's ship. Do we see any signs that it has reinvigorated the collectibles market as well?

by Matt Tuck | March 26, 2024

The buzz over Magneto and Rogue has caused a stir on eBay, beginning with Uncanny X-Men #274.

by Matt Tuck | March 26, 2024

Comic fans are primed and ready for X-Men '97's big reveal.

by Matt Tuck | March 24, 2024

In the Hottest Comics, no one can hear you scream.

by Lauren Sisselman | March 22, 2024

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