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by Matt Tuck | May 16, 2024

X-Men '97 exerted its dominance over the secondary market, decisively owning the eBay sales charts.

by Don | May 15, 2024

In his latest blog, my colleague, Matt Tuck, noted that a "1990s X-Men villain has entered the fray" in this week's Trending Comics: Onslaught. 

by Matt Tuck | May 15, 2024

Nothing was safe from the Coldest Comics this week, not even Wolverine's first appearance. 

by Doug Ohlandt | May 13, 2024

We’re back with more Undervalued and Overlooked Comics! This is where we identify comics that are either currently lower in value than they could be, aren’t as well known in the collector market, or both. So, let’s get started with a couple Bronze Age issues that are well known and one that is more obscure. 

by Matt Tuck | May 8, 2024

The Last Ronin continued to assert its dominance over the Hottest Comics, but a 1990s X-Men villain has entered the fray in this week's Trending Comics.

by Matt Tuck | May 7, 2024

The Gambit fans were driving the secondary market this week as X-Men Annual #14 earned the distinction as this week's Hottest Comic on eBay. 

by Don | May 4, 2024

May 4th is here! A play on "may the Force be with you," May 4th is Star Wars' unofficial holiday that fans celebrate around the world. From a collectibles perspective, let's take a look at few recent Star Wars-related sales across comic books, trading cards, and movie posters.

by Don | May 3, 2024

We always knew Kevin Feige would turn to new villains when he brought the X-Men into the MCU, but Bastion is a deep cut. Never a top tier villain, how has the market reacted to his moment in the spotlight?

by Doug Ohlandt | May 2, 2024

We’re back with another look at our Chartbusters! These are the comics that sold for the highest price over the past thirty days, and the April 7 Heritage auction dominates the charts.

by Matt Tuck | April 30, 2024

Silver Surfer #1 went from riding the big waves to an epic wipe out in matter of 10 days.